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  • Improved Synthetic Planning with Reaxys Procurement Integration - 9am CET
    Improved Synthetic Planning with Reaxys Procurement Integration - 9am CET Scott Hutton, Commercial Director and Prima Sung, Sr. Solution Marketing Manager Live 60 mins
    Laboratory scientists face many practical challenges in implementing a desired chemical synthesis. One major challenge is the ability to access accurate information on what starting materials are available in a company’s local inventory, as well as which suppliers may be used to purchase desired chemicals. Once materials are identified, how long will it take to get them? What is the company’s negotiated price for each material?

    Besides being clever scientists, medicinal chemists must be master logistics planners coordinating all the materials and documentation necessary to perform chemical synthesis on an ongoing basis. Elsevier understands the chemist’s synthetic work flow and has taken steps with Reaxys to enable integration with local chemical inventory and purchasing systems.

    Please join us for this webinar, in which we will focus on:

    - The challenges of identifying and purchasing critical starting materials for chemical synthesis planning
    - How your procurement system can be integrated with Reaxys to make this process easier while saving the organization time and money.
    - How additional data from your systems can be integrated with Reaxys to improve workflows and accelerate discovery.
  • GDPR: What you need to know now
    GDPR: What you need to know now Florin Lazurca, Technical Security Strategist, Citrix and Stephen Twynam ,Senior Sales Engineer, Citrix Recorded: Oct 17 2018 55 mins
    In May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) takes effect. Are you ready? In a recent Ponemon study, 67% of respondents were aware of the GDPR, but only 50% of the organisations had allocated budget and started to prepare for these new regulations. GDPR will impose new rules on businesses, government agencies, and other organisations that offer goods and services to people in the European Union.

    In this webinar you will learn:

    • More about GDPR and how it will impact you
    • How you can work towards GDPR compliance
  • The Power of a Complete View of the Customer (APAC)
    The Power of a Complete View of the Customer (APAC) Paul Moxon, VP Data Architecture and Chief Evangelist, Denodo Recorded: Oct 17 2018 59 mins
    A complete view of the customer encompasses a single view of the customer, the customer’s relationships, and the customer’s transactions and interactions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and retention as well as increased revenue through up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

    Attend this session to learn how data virtualization supports complete view of the customer by:

    - Facilitating integration of master data with any other data throughout the enterprise
    - Providing real-time data access to the complete customer view, for any individual or organization across the company.
    - Reducing data replication and its associated costs and risks and providing access to cross-company data.

    - DV benefits for Complete View of Customer
    - Product Demonstration
    - Summary & Next Steps
    - Q&A
  • Intent Based Networking - What SDN Was Meant To Be
    Intent Based Networking - What SDN Was Meant To Be Mansour Karam Recorded: Oct 16 2018 60 mins
    Bloomberg Intelligence hosted Mansour Karam, CEO of Apstra to discuss next-generation networking technologies, with a focus on Intent-Based Networking. Watch this on-demand webinar featuring Woo Jin Ho, Bloomberg Intelligence Analyst, Networking, Semiconductors.
  • Modernizing How HR Work Gets Done for a Better Employee Experience at Whirlpool
    Modernizing How HR Work Gets Done for a Better Employee Experience at Whirlpool Lawrence Krajewski, Carolyn Bradfield, Mike Vilimek Recorded: Oct 16 2018 58 mins
    The journeyfrom manual processes to modern experiencesJoin HR Director of NAR Operations Carolyn Bradfield,and HR Project Manager LorenKrajewski as they share what it took to truly transform Whirlpool’s employee experience. You’ll learn how they were ableto successfully:•Eliminatelegacy HR technologyto meet the needs ofanever-changing workforce•Deliveron their strategic HR Excellence initiative•Gainvisibility into the volume and types of employee inquiries and requests•Providea consistent employeeservice experience with HRacross the globe•Usechat to help drive digital change and improve their service levels
  • Modernizing HR and the New Hire Onboarding Experience at ServiceNow
    Modernizing HR and the New Hire Onboarding Experience at ServiceNow Jefferey Gore, Danielle Lulley Recorded: Oct 16 2018 57 mins
    Like many organizations, ServiceNow began its employee onboarding journey with a myriad of custom and point HR solutions that resulted in broken cross-departmental processes, lack of personalization, frustrating upgrades, and an inflexible model that could no longer scale. For us to create the workplace of the future we needed to go on our own HR Transformation journey and re-design the New Hire Onboarding experience to support our rapid growth and today’s consumer-driven workforce.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how we’re “drinking our own champagne” by successfully replacing our legacy onboarding application with ServiceNow’s out-of-the-box Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions solution. Discover how ServiceNow is building the workplace of the future by making it easy for employees to get the services they need.

    The key learnings will include:

    Best practices of successfully implementing a new enterprise onboarding solution
    How to accelerate the time to provision IT resources for new hires by 94%
    How HR is saving 4,000 hours annually by automating onboarding activities
    Using real-time dashboards to monitor onboarding activities and continuously improve service delivery
  • 7 Reasons Why Family Offices are Investing in Startups
    7 Reasons Why Family Offices are Investing in Startups KP Reddy, Founder, Shadow Ventures Recorded: Oct 16 2018 42 mins
    Deal Flow remains an issue for family offices. Where can you find more investing ideas, and how do you filter the good from the bad? Do you have the right connections, and are you tapped into the right networks, to get deals that are seemingly only seen by Investment Banks?

    In this webinar KP Reddy will outline 7 considerations that Family Offices are taking to find new deals for investments, including Expertise, Alternatives & Equity Debt Hybrid models.
  • The Promise of Future-Proof Cloud
    The Promise of Future-Proof Cloud Malathi Malla, Director of Product Marketing & Ajay Chhabria, Technical Marketing Engineer, Spirent Recorded: Oct 16 2018 62 mins
    You promised your customers that you would anticipate next-generation Cloud infrastructure needs. Let Spirent assure that you keep it.

    Are your applications getting enough allocated resources to perform at their best? Ability to baseline and benchmark the underlying infrastructure, and simulate any type of application workload – allows you to validate both the functionality and performance of various applications and services (IaaS, PaaS, SaaS) running over the virtualized infrastructure. Join us to learn how Spirent can help you fast track Cloud deployments.
  • Preventive Security for Kubernetes
    Preventive Security for Kubernetes Liz Rice Technology Evangelist, Aqua Security Recorded: Oct 16 2018 47 mins
    Aqua’s open source tools arm Kubernetes administrators and developers with an easy way to identify weaknesses in their deployments so that they can address those issues before they are exploited by attackers.

    During this webinar we’ll review how Aqua's open source tools offer preventive security for Kubernetes:

    •Kube-Bench: checks a Kubernetes cluster against 100+ checks documented in the CIS Kubernetes Benchmark.
    •Kube-Hunter: conducts penetration tests against Kubernetes clusters that hunt for exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfiguration - both from outside the cluster as well as inside it (running as a pod).
  • Don’t Let Ransomware Hold Your Critical Apps Hostage
    Don’t Let Ransomware Hold Your Critical Apps Hostage Zerto Technology Evangelist Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn and Chris Patterson, Sr. Director, Product Management at Navisite Recorded: Oct 16 2018 29 mins
    Organizations most likely to be affected by ransomware are those that have ineffective counter measures in place to protect and safely encrypt data. These attacks lead to significant downtime and data loss, resulting in lost revenue, and compromise internal and customer data.

    Now more than ever, it’s critical that your business have an ironclad business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan that enables you to recover quickly, with minimal data loss and performance interruptions.

    Watch this quick, 30-minute on-demand webcast, with Zerto Technology Evangelist Gijsbert Janssen van Doorn and Chris Patterson, Sr. Director, Product Management at Navisite as they discuss:

    •How to incorporate combatting ransomware and malware attacks into your BCDR strategy
    •Understanding why cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) helps protect from modern threats more than traditional, physical data centers can offer
    •How the Navisite-Zerto partnership can help you ensure your critical data and applications are protected from ransomware and malware attacks, and maximize data continuity
  • Keeping Secrets in the Cloud: How to Automate Sensitive Data Protection
    Keeping Secrets in the Cloud: How to Automate Sensitive Data Protection Lindsey Smith, Principal Engineering Product Manager Recorded: Oct 16 2018 41 mins
    A move to the cloud provides an opportunity — and a responsibility — to rethink existing practices and workflows, especially when it comes to security. Breaking down monolithic applications and taking advantage of cloud services necessitates new methods of protection.

    You also need the agility boost and reliability that increased automation brings. You’ll need to prepare for security breaches, auditing access to secrets, and maintaining compliance in a scalable and efficient way.

    In this talk, we’ll explore key concerns for cloud security, and how to leverage increased automation to protect secrets, keys and credentials without undue complexity.
  • Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System 4.0 Group Test Results
    Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System 4.0 Group Test Results Phuong Nguyen, Director, Product Marketing, NSS Labs and Bhaarath Venkateswaran, Director, Product Management, NSS Labs Recorded: Oct 16 2018 51 mins
    On September 20th, we released the results of our Next Generation Intrusion Prevention System 4.0 Group Test. The test included products from six of the industry’s leading NGIPS vendors: Forcepoint, Fortinet, IBM, Juniper Networks, Palo Alto Networks, and Trend Micro. This fourth iteration of our NGIPS group test measured:

    •Security effectiveness – A security product that fails to protect what’s important to you can lead to catastrophic consequences for your organization. Understanding a product’s capability to provide protection against exploits including evasion techniques will help you evaluate which NGIPS product is the best fit for your organization.

    •Performance – Thanks to the rapid adoption of social media, streaming video, teleconferencing, and other bandwidth-intensive technologies, network behavior is changing rapidly. Which NGIPS products have adapted, and what should you consider when you are designing your next-generation network?

    •Total cost of ownership (TCO) – Your expenses don’t end when you purchase a product. Installation costs (people), software maintenance, and ongoing policy and log maintenance are some of the expenses you should plan for. Which products have the lowest TCO over a multi-year period?

    Attend our NGIPS 4.0 Group Test webinar on October 16th at 1:00 p.m. CST to find out how each product scored! Our NGIPS experts will be available during the webinar to address questions about the test and the products tested.
  • Best Practices for Developing a Digital Customer Experience Strategy
    Best Practices for Developing a Digital Customer Experience Strategy Greg Cummings and John Irey Recorded: Oct 16 2018 62 mins
    What are companies with superior customer experiences doing differently? Join industry leaders John Irey and Greg Cummings as they share the strategy behind an effective omnichannel customer care success model. Participate in a discussion on how self-service, AI, and digital tools are shaping the customer journey and how to leverage that knowledge to build a better digital plan. Benefit from shared examples of the best and worst attempts at omnichannel and get equipped with the tools necessary to build your own strategy.

    Greg Cummings - Greg has 20 years of industry experience in consulting, operations, and contact centers -- helping to drive process improvement through an outcomes based methodology. He is currently Manager Global Channels with NICE inContact.

    John Irey - John, a contact center Principal Consultant at Mindsight, is an 18 year veteran assisting in the full life cycle of contact center engagements. His experience in both solutions and deployment engineering roles gives him deep insight into the strategy behind developing an omnichannel contact center solution for every business need.
  • The Lawyer's Guide to Slack Discovery
    The Lawyer's Guide to Slack Discovery Michael Simon, David Slarskey, and others Recorded: Oct 16 2018 63 mins
    Slack, the massively popular file sharing and messaging platform, is changing communications and discovery as we know them. That's because Slack, and similar tools, are fastly supplementing, if not replacing, email and discrete documents. Yet legal teams are used to documents, not chat rooms.

    Join this webinar for a dive into how Slack is changing communications and discovery--and how you can take advantage of this new source of data.

    Register now to learn:
    - How Slack is changing discovery and investigations
    - Why Slack could hold key data for your case
    - The unique challenges Slack data poses
    - How creative legal teams are leveraging Slack data during the discovery process
    - Best practices for dealing with Slack data and overcoming objections, from those who’ve done it
  • Running Containers in Production for Dummies
    Running Containers in Production for Dummies Jorge Salamero Sanz, Eric Carter, Knox Anderson Recorded: Oct 16 2018 62 mins
    Given by the authors of the new book - Running Containers in Production for Dummies. Are you new to containers? Let’s quickly cover the basics to get you up to speed and started with deploying containers in production. In this 1h session we will walk through:

    Containers and orchestrators: why containers have revolutionized IT infrastructure, why do you need them and which orchestration technology is right for you.
    Setting up a CI/CD/CS delivery pipeline: how containers, continuous integration and delivery make your pipeline more agile and how it all fits together.
    Monitoring containers: why this is different and so hard. What are the different approaches and how do tools like Sysdig Monitor and Prometheus compare.
    Securing containers: security cannot be missed. What are best practices for container security, including vulnerability management with image scanning and compliance, runtime defense and forensics.
    This is plenty to cover, so be prepared to rock containers hard!
  • Unified Policy-Based Controls for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure
    Unified Policy-Based Controls for Multi-Cloud Infrastructure Govindarajan Rangarajan, Distinguished Architect, HyTrust; Sai Vaidyam, Product Manager, HyTrust Recorded: Oct 16 2018 57 mins
    Adoption of new technologies like containers, AI, and machine learning has necessitated that enterprises adopt a multi-cloud strategy to meet the demands of various business units within the organization. The security teams are becoming increasingly concerned with the expansion of the threat surface with the adoption of containers and public cloud. In this webinar, we will discuss the security challenges enterprises face as they adopt a multi-cloud strategy and how best to address those challenges using a unified policy-based security solution.

    Register for this webinar to learn:
    - Security challenges in multi-cloud infrastructure.
    - How to solve those security challenges using harmonized governance.
    - Details of new HyTrust CloudControl Security Platform.
  • [Ep.22] Founders Spotlight: Ash Seddeek, Founder of bestcash
    [Ep.22] Founders Spotlight: Ash Seddeek, Founder of bestcash Ash Seddeek, Founder of bestcash and Erin Junio, Content Manager at BrightTALK Recorded: Oct 16 2018 41 mins
    This webinar is part of BrightTALK's Founders Spotlight Series, where each week we feature inspiring founders and entrepreneurs from across industries.

    In this episode, Ash Seddeek will share how he channeled his entrepreneurial spirit into the launch of bestcash - a Fintech start up bringing a new point of view to financial services servicing 70-140k income earners.

    Ash will answer questions about:

    - What inspired him to start bestcash.
    - What problem or pain points he aims to solve with bestcash.
    - How to close the gap between financial services companies and their target users.
    - How he plans to sustain bestcash's differentiation in order to appeal to customers and keep them coming back in the long term.

    Join us for this live session where we encourage the audience to participate by asking Ash any live questions they may have!
  • Phishing Prevention Training Demo
    Phishing Prevention Training Demo Proofpoint Recorded: Oct 16 2018 53 mins
    What are the key components of a best-in-class solution for phishing simulation and training?

    Join us for a live demo of Wombat Security to see for yourself!
    Proofpoint recently acquired Wombat Security, a 4-year leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Security Awareness Computer-Based Training, and we're excited to share what makes them the clear leader in the space.

    You’ll learn how to:

    - Assess your users’ susceptibility to phishing and spear phishing attacks
    - Give your users hands-on practice at recognizing and avoiding phishing attacks and other social engineering scams
    - Allow your employees to report suspicious messages with a single mouse click
  • Q&A Forum: Tax Experts Explain Supreme Court Decision on Nexus
    Q&A Forum: Tax Experts Explain Supreme Court Decision on Nexus Scott Peterson, VP of Tax Policy & Government Affairs; Rachel Le Mieux, CPA, CMI, SALT Partner at Peterson Sullivan LLP Recorded: Oct 16 2018 58 mins
    The Supreme Court ruled in favor of South Dakota, granting the state authority to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state transactions. Remotes sellers will have a new set of obligations and challenges ahead of them, while states could potentially gain billions in revenue. But what does it mean for your business?

    We brought in two leading tax policy experts to break down the ruling and explain:
    •Whether remote sellers need to file and register in more states
    •How the ruling affects future laws across other states
    •How to determine whether you’re on the hook for sales tax based on where you conduct business
    •Q&A from audience

    About the speakers:

    Scott Peterson, Vice President of Tax Policy and Government Affairs

    Scott Peterson was the first executive director of the Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board. For seven years Scott acted as the chief operating officer of an organization devoted to making sales tax simpler and more uniform for the benefit of business.

    Rachel Le Mieux, CPA, CMI, SALT Partner at Peterson Sullivan LLP

    Rachel has been practicing in state and local taxes (SALT) since 1985. She is a certified public accountant and a certified member of the institute (CMI) for professionals in state and local taxation. She consults with clients in a broad range of industries on state and local tax issues involving sales and use taxes, gross receipts taxes, income taxes, and other miscellaneous taxes.
  • Top 5 Ways Your Network Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge
    Top 5 Ways Your Network Can Give Your Business a Competitive Edge Cherie Martin, Aruba Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Oct 16 2018 44 mins
    Seventy percent of today’s Midsize businesses are investing in technology to customize the user experience, improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty, and gain a competitive advantage. But the ability to deliver amazing user experiences is dependent on high-performance, reliable connectivity. It requires a business-class network.

    Join us on October 16th, 10am PST to learn about the Top 5 business-class features your network must have for you to automate and optimize the delivery of network services to drive your business success.

    A high-level discussion will be followed by a demo of Aruba Central, network management in the Cloud.

    Attend and you could qualify to receive a free Aruba Instant access point and a 90-day trial to Aruba Central, our network management solution.
  • How to Prepare Your Organization for SQL Server 2008 End of Life
    How to Prepare Your Organization for SQL Server 2008 End of Life Jim Haas, Vice President of Managed Services at Ntirety Recorded: Oct 16 2018 64 mins
    Around July 9th, 2019 Microsoft will end all support for SQL Server 2008. How can you prepare your organization? Start by understanding your options.

    Why should you attend?
    Doing nothing is not an option this time. Data security is a risk to your organization, as all critical patches and security updates for SQL Server 2008 will end. Your Lack of compliance with industry standards and applicable regulations may lead to security breaches, data loss, litigation, and reputational risk.

    Join Jim Haas, Vice President of Managed Services at Ntirety, as he discusses how you can go about making a compelling case:

    • Upgrade Options: Migrate to Azure, Upgrade SQL Server, or Purchase Extended Security
    • The many advances since SQL 2008.
    • How to get started. What you can do yourself. Where you may need help and where to find

    Register Today!
  • Closing the Endpoint Security Gap in State and Local Government
    Closing the Endpoint Security Gap in State and Local Government HP Federal & Center for Digital Government Recorded: Oct 16 2018 55 mins
    According to intelligence firm IDC, 70 percent of successful cybersecurity breaches originate on endpoint devices. Endpoints are often easy targets for hackers, due to inconsistent and inadequate security configurations, sharing of user and administrative passwords, and more.

    Cybersecurity breaches have huge consequences for state and local governments – even a breach with less than 10,000 compromised records has an estimated cost of more than $2 million, according to the Ponemon Institute. And the loss of citizen trust is immeasurable.

    Since 2003, October has been recognized as National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM). Under leadership from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the National Cyber Security Alliance, the purpose of NCSAM is to educate government, industry and the public at large about how to be more secure online.

    To add to this critical conversation, this webinar features HP Federal’s Chief Technology Officer Tommy Gardner (at ~14 minute mark), for an engaging and informative discussion on how government leaders can take proactive steps to better protect endpoint devices.

    Key topics in the webinar includes:
    • The specific vulnerabilities of inadequately secured PCs and printers
    • Important steps to improve printer security – including data encryption, user authentication and access control, and more
    • How to better collaborate with procurement to ensure RFPs specify security capabilities for endpoint devices
  • Getting Ready for a Multi-cloud future with Containers and Kubernetes
    Getting Ready for a Multi-cloud future with Containers and Kubernetes Ritesh Patel, Co-Founder & VP of Products at Nirmata Recorded: Oct 16 2018 50 mins
    For the last few years, there has been an ongoing debate about multi-cloud/hybrid cloud vs single cloud approach. However, there is increasing evidence that the future will be multi-cloud. Data from a recent survey released by Forrester Research indicates:

    62% of public cloud adopters are using 2+ unique cloud environments/platforms

    74% of enterprises describe their strategy as hybrid/multi-cloud today

    So, the question is what does this mean for your applications? Does adopting multi-cloud increase management complexity? How can you effectively control and manage spend?

    In this webinar, we will discuss the benefits and challenges of a multi-cloud approach. We will see how containers are becoming a key building block for enabling application portability and how Kubernetes is becoming the toolbox across clouds. Finally, we will discuss real-world best practices for enabling multi-cloud deployments.

    About the speaker:
    Ritesh Patel is co-founder of Nirmata and has 20+ years experience building and delivering enterprise software solutions and has led highly successful software and business development teams. Ritesh began his career in engineering for high tech firms and has since migrated to the business side of the operation. In his founding of Nirmata, Ritesh sought to bring his broad spectrum of experience to a single previously unaddressed industry problem through the creation of a new business. To Nirmata’s leadership, Ritesh brings a rare skill set incorporating experience with the entire chain of software development activities. This background has contributed to Nirmata’s commitment to empowering all employees to do the hard work required to deliver tools that solve tough problems.
  • Procurement In The Age of Cloud, AI and Blockchain
    Procurement In The Age of Cloud, AI and Blockchain Binoy Syed, Chaitra Vedullapalli (Moderator) Recorded: Oct 16 2018 63 mins
    In the last few years, a lot of emphasis has been placed on the procurement function as being strategically important to the business. It drives value, generates massive savings opportunity, and increases the overall operational efficiency. With cloud technology changing at a rapid pace and procurement practices being regularly updated, the trends within the procurement function are ever changing.

    In this webinar, we will focus on helping you identify Hype v/s Actionable solutions for procurement:

    1. Learn about Cloud, AI and Blockchain technologies
    2. Framework to develop a strategic business case & roadmap for smart procurement
    3. Learn about a new framework to drive supplier diversity
    4. Learn about our special offer to get you started at (no cost)

    Who should attend: Senior procurement leaders and professionals, Technology Leaders, Business Leaders who are managing strategic sourcing.

    Join us in making you and your business cloud ready company.
    We look forward to collaborating with you.
  • Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution
    Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution George Dent and Tom Miedema - Walter Scott Oct 17 2018 8:00 am UTC 45 mins
    George Dent and Tom Miedema from Walter Scott provide a brief refresher on the firm’s approach and discuss the results of a deep dive into Industry 4.0, bespoke research conducted to gain a better understanding of the threats and opportunities posed by these emerging technologies.
  • Family Office Panel Discussion: Responsible, Sustainable & Impact Investing
    Family Office Panel Discussion: Responsible, Sustainable & Impact Investing Simon Foster, Javier de Rocafort, Rob Garrett, Johann Bödecker, Hardeep Rai Oct 17 2018 8:00 am UTC 64 mins
    Legacy is a key for Ultra High Net Worth and as such Family offices are increasingly seeking purpose and lasting impact in their investments.

    What initiatives exist that HNW & UHNW can get behind? Once identified, how can they start an initiative and ensure that it has a lasting impact?

    This webinar will cover:

    * Creating meaningful impact – identifying strategies
    * Aligning impact to measurable success – profit with purpose versus philanthropy
    * Technological measurement of impact focus
    * ESGs and SRI – creating a personal and organisational roadmap
    * Energy, Healthcare, Education, Agriculture in focus with from an impact standpoint

    You'll leave this webinar with an understanding of who the players are, what they are doing.

    Johann Bödecker, Founder and CEO, Pentatonic
    Simon Foster, Chief Executive Officer, TY Danjuma Family Office
    Hardeep Rai, Founder and Managing Director, Kaleidoscope Investments
    Javier de Rocafort, Chairman, Deer Valley Capital and the Quimera Project

    Moderated by
    Rob Garett, Hezar Ventures
  • Mehr Sicherheit bei gleichzeitiger Sicherstellung der Netzwerk-Uptime
    Mehr Sicherheit bei gleichzeitiger Sicherstellung der Netzwerk-Uptime Daniela Fusaro, Senior Solutions Architect Oct 17 2018 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Ihr IT Netzwerk ist von entscheidender Bedeutung für den Betrieb, und das macht es zu einem beliebten Ziel für Cyber-Bedrohungen wie Ransomware und Verstöße gegen den Datenschutz. Was können Sie dagegen tun? Inline-Sicherheitstools können eine effektive Lösung sein, stellen aber mehrere mögliche Fehlerpunkte dar, zumal die Netzwerkgeschwindigkeiten steigen, und viele Tools sich diesen nicht anpassen können. Wenn diese Tools ausfallen, dann ist auch Ihr Netzwerk betroffen.

    Um eine umfassende Transparenz über die übertragenen Daten zu erhalten und die Compliance in Hochgeschwindigkeitsnetzen aufrechtzuerhalten, haben sich viele Firmen für die Next Generation Network Packet Broker (NGNPB) entschieden, die einen flexiblen Inline-Bypass-Schutz bieten. Diese Funktion automatisiert den Zugriff auf den Datenverkehr, skaliert und optimiert die bestehende Überwachungsinfrastruktur und vereinfacht die Einführung neuer Technologien. NGNPB bieten zudem Folgendes:

    • Vollständige netzwerkweite Transparenz in physikalischen, virtuellen und Cloud-Umgebungen,
    • Skalierbare Metadatenextraktion für verbesserte Forensik,
    • Isolierung von Anwendungen zur gezielten Untersuchung,
    • Sichtbarkeit für verschlüsselten Datenverkehr zur Erkennung von Bedrohungen.

    Erfahren Sie, wie Sie die Sicherheit erhöhen und gleichzeitig die Netzwerk-Uptime sicherstellen und so Kosten senken können. Erfahren Sie, wie eine vereinfachte, belastbare und skalierbare Architektur Folgendes leistet:

    Maximierung der Tool-Effizienz durch Bereitstellung der relevanten Daten für die relevanten Tools und durch das Auslagern prozessorintensiver Aufgaben wie der SSL-Entschlüsselung.
    Und mehr.

    Finden Sie heraus, wie sowohl Netzwerk- als auch Sicherheitsteams in einer sich schnell entwickelnden Cybersicherheitslandschaft schneller und sicherer arbeiten können.

    Network-Packet-Broker der nächsten Generation (NGNPB)
  • Workforce Mobility App For Cherwell
    Workforce Mobility App For Cherwell Juan Olivier, Head Of Mobility, Mobile One Oct 17 2018 8:00 am UTC 30 mins
    Mobile 1's Workforce Mobility App for Cherwell will enable your mobile workforce to reach new levels of productivity, through automated workflow, real-time communication and auto-integration into your Cherwell support desk. Adapt to innovations in mobile technology with paperless productivity to enhance your customer service and mitigate risk.


    Quick Introduction to the Workforce Mobility App
    Demo Mobile Application on Phone and Tablet
    Incident Handling
    Task Handling
    Value Adds
    Wrap Up
    Q & A
  • Five Trends in Real Time Applications
    Five Trends in Real Time Applications David Menninger, SVP and Research Director, Ventana Research + Joanna Schloss, Subject Matter Expert, Confluent Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Can your organization react to customer events as they occur?
    Can your organization detect anomalies before they cause problems?
    Can your organization process streaming data in real time?

    Real time and event-driven architectures are emerging as key components in developing streaming applications. Nearly half of organizations consider it essential to process event data within seconds of its occurrence. Yet less than one third are satisfied with their ability to do so today. In this webinar featuring Dave Menninger of Ventana Research, learn from the firm’s benchmark research about what streaming data is and why it is important. Joanna Schloss also joins to discuss how event-streaming platforms deliver real time actionability on data as it arrives into the business. Join us to hear how other organizations are managing streaming data and how you can adopt and deploy real time processing capabilities.

    In this webinar you will:
    -Get valuable market research data about how other organizations are managing streaming data
    -Learn how real time processing is a key component of a digital transformation strategy
    -Hear real world use cases of streaming data in action
    -Review architectural approaches for adding real time, streaming data capabilities to your applications
  • Next-Generation Finance: A Review of Global Open Banking Platforms
    Next-Generation Finance: A Review of Global Open Banking Platforms From CA Technologies, API Academy: Mehdi Medjaoui Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 21 mins
    In a flat digital world: Simplicity sells, Simplicity Scales, Simplicity saves. This session is part of the API Virtual Summit 2018 on Open Banking Platforms.
  • Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps
    Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps Ron Gidron - ARA Evangelist and Product Marketing Manager at CA Technologies Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 50 mins
    In this webinar, Ron Gidron discusses the Top 10 Ways to Fail at DevOps as learned from organizations around the globe.

    This recording was made prior to the acquisition of Automic by CA Technologies; therefore, some old terminology and branding may be in place. Because the Automic Software portfolio has been retained in its entirety by CA Technologies, the content is still accurate and useful.
  • Impact Revolution: Scaling family office finance for social good
    Impact Revolution: Scaling family office finance for social good Els Ankum-Griffioen, Senior Investor Relations Manager Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 45 mins
    This webinar features perspectives of family office impact investment specialists from across the globe. We will explore how family offices in different regions approach impact and SDG investing, overcome mental and regulatory challenges, and scale successful impact investment opportunities.

    Our presentation lineup includes:
    > Dimple Sahni, Managing Director Impact Investing, Anthos Family Office Fund & Asset Management
    > Robert Rubinstein, Chairman, TBLI Group
    > Silja Nyboe Andersen, Investment Advisor, Merkur Andelkasse

    Moderated by:
    Els Ankum-Griffioen, Senior Investor Relations Manager, Triodos Investment Management
  • Why bringing communications (and not just your computing) into the cloud matters
    Why bringing communications (and not just your computing) into the cloud matters Global Cloud Solutions Specialist at Mitel Oct 17 2018 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    The conversation about the transition to a Cloud-first world is often dominated by Cloud computing but business communications is one of the most affected areas of this transformation.

    The analyst firm MZA predicts that the value of the hosted cloud market will more than triple by 2022 to $7.2 billion worldwide with 2.5x growth in the number of Cloud users.

    IT leaders are increasingly having to do more with less while simultaneously turning their IT and communications infrastructure into something that drives growth. This is happening against a background of changing models of work and the need to continuously improve the customer experience.

    As part of a quest to make life easier for the IT leader of today we will explore why it’s important to also consider your business communications.

    - Why bringing your communications and not just your computing into the cloud matters
    - The relevance of cloud to improving the customer experience
    - How collaboration is boosted in a unified communications environment
    - What paths exist on your journey to the cloud including on-premises, hybrid and cloud

    Andy has a 25 year track record in business communications with a background in senior management roles in Marketing, Sales, and Pre-Sales consultancy. Today Andy leads Mitel Sales and Sales Engineering training initiatives throughout the EMEA and APAC regions.

    This broad experience has given Andy valuable perspectives (both technical and customer use based) for today’s IT and communications leaders and technicians.

    Andy has taken part in some major industry milestones including deploying the first high speed network for the Government and being the design authority on one of the world’s largest switch networks.
  • Making a Splash with USD5m Impact Investment: Asian Shrimp Farming Case Study
    Making a Splash with USD5m Impact Investment: Asian Shrimp Farming Case Study Kennedy Tsang & Harry Yu (SBI E2 Capital Group) Oct 17 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    In this session, Kennedy Tsang and Harry Yu, from SBI E2 Family Advisors and SBI China Capital, will walk you through:

    - History of shrimp farming in the role of creating social and economic change;
    - The “SEED” principle to sustainable win-win success
    - Customisation of the model to enable social impact investment;
    - Keys to success for shrimp farming social impact investing;

    This session is specifically designed for HNW individuals, investment managers and funds that are interested in social impact investment.
  • HELE technology and outreach - Japan and South Korea
    HELE technology and outreach - Japan and South Korea Dr Ian Barnes Oct 17 2018 10:00 am UTC 45 mins
    This webinar presents a synopsis of an ongoing study on the development and implementation of high efficiency, low emission (HELE) coal-fired technologies in Japan and South Korea, and in the wider South East Asian region.
    The coal fleets of both countries are highly efficient, with the Japanese fleet reported to be the most efficient in the world and the evolution of both fleets has been modelled as in previous IEA CCC HELE studies. Both countries have proactive assisted funding programmes that enable the introduction of HELE plant to countries seeking to develop and improve their coal-fired generating capacity and these outreach activities have been studied.
  • How to Develop a Cloud-First Strategy with a Cloud-Native Approach
    How to Develop a Cloud-First Strategy with a Cloud-Native Approach Simon Ratcliffe, CIO Advisor & Mentor, IT Evangelist, Ensono & Cloud Industry Forum Oct 17 2018 10:00 am UTC 60 mins
    There is much talk in the tech community about the best approach to adopting a cloud first strategy and which solutions best fit organisations.

    Multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, cloud first, cloud native are all options but too many organisations miss the critical factor. Any technology strategy requires that the organisational culture and the people match the technology approach. A cloud first technology strategy requires a very different mindset to more traditional approaches and adopting a different culture and approach and leading a team of people in this world is very different. Building technology without the underpinning cultural change invariably results in less than successful cloud adoption.

    In this webinar, we will examine some of the simple changes that can be made to the culture and structure of an IT function to create a foundation for a more successful implementation of a cloud first strategy.
  • Have Your Search and BI Too: Big Data Analytics as Easy as Google Search
    Have Your Search and BI Too: Big Data Analytics as Easy as Google Search Matt Aslett, 451 Research & John Thuma, Arcadia Data Oct 17 2018 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    For decades people have been talking about self-service BI and analytics to enable business users to make better decisions in organizations. Yet, the big data era (Hadoop, Spark, data lakes, and more) has seemingly pushed us in the direction of automation, machine learning, and AI. Are your business users left out? Do they still ask for more control over reporting and analysis? What if you could provide the simplicity of Internet search for ALL users on ALL of your data in the organization? What if you could do all of this and provide security and privacy with the full power of visual analytics?

    Join industry thought leaders from 451 Research and Arcadia Data on October 17th at 12 p.m. BST, 1 p.m. EET to learn about recent trends in big data analytics around natural language search, self-service, and AI-driven insights. In this webinar, you will learn:
    •Why modern analytical environments need to focus more on business users.
    •Why traditional BI approaches are falling short.
    •How new innovations like search-based BI are redefining self-service BI.
  • Building a Cloud-First Policy in a Hybrid Environment
    Building a Cloud-First Policy in a Hybrid Environment Mike Openshaw, Senior Enterprise Architect, 6point6 Oct 17 2018 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Cloud computing has become synonymous with the digital agenda. Looking across the 2018 IT estate, cloud is no longer conspicuous by its presence but by its absence. Gartner projects the market size and growth of the cloud service industry at nearly three times the growth of the overall IT services industry through 2022. Cloud is agnostic of industry sector, having already established a material foothold in banks, schools, governments and healthcare.

    In this webinar, we will explore what a cloud-first policy means for you no matter where you are on your cloud journey, with a focus on both where your remaining on-premise IT estate sits and how this fits into a cloud-first world.

    About the speaker:
    Mike is a TOGAF and SAFe certified architect specialising in the strategic enterprise and solutions architecture space, with a solid background in integration, application, infrastructure and data architecture.

    He has a proven track record of delivering strategic business goals through business transformation programmes (up to £30M+) with complex interdependencies across the enterprise. Mike has extensive sector experience having worked in financial services, retail banking, digital eCommerce, not for profit, utilities and FMCG organisations.

    He has a comprehensive background of technology leadership and transformation, business process re-engineering and systems integration over a wide range of heterogeneous technology environments, from hybrid cloud solutions to physical on-premise estates.
  • Re-inventing APM for the Digital Era
    Re-inventing APM for the Digital Era Mike Sargent, Riverbed; Steve Mastin, Aetna; and Stephen Elliot, IDC Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    Join Riverbed, Aetna and guest speaker IDC for a discussion and demonstration on how we are revolutionizing application performance management (APM) for the digital era with a focus on the end-user experience.

    Traditional APM solutions aren’t designed with the end-user in mind and rely on sampling a limited set of application performance data points. This legacy approach is not adequate for delivering today’s complex digital services. In today’s digital world, a unified application performance and end-user experience monitoring solution is critical to business success.

    Register now to see the power of our user experience-centric solution, hear from Aetna about their APM journey, and take the next step to ensuring end-user experience in the digital era.

    User-centric: Ensure end-user experience and troubleshoot issues faster with an end-to-end APM solution.
    All Data: Use big data insights from all transactions to be more proactive and holistic in driving better business decisions.
    Every App: Monitor your entire enterprise application ecosystem without compromising data quality.
  • How Quantifying Values & Culture Can Promote Diversity & Inclusion
    How Quantifying Values & Culture Can Promote Diversity & Inclusion Erin Michelson, CEO / Tech Entrepreneur / Author Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    We provide an introduction into how to leverage behavioural science to better understand not only the corporation’s stated values but also the lived values of employees. By assessing institutional and individuals values, we can ascribe a numeric “score” that measures the cultural alignment (and misalignment) within the workplace. As a result, HR professionals gain a tool for unbiased, values-based recruiting, as well as the data intelligence they need to retain a culturally-rich workforce.

    Learn how quantifying individual values and corporate culture can benefit:
    * HR Executives: Increasing employee engagement, retention & workgroup productivity
    * Hiring Managers: Maximizing the pool of diverse candidates and positioning the company as a social impact leader
    * Applicants & Employees: Delivering a personal understanding of cultural fit & opportunities for advancement

    Erin Michelson is Founder & CEO of Summery (www.summery.ai), a data analytics company that leverages behavioural science to quantify institutional culture and individual social impact values. Recognized as a pioneer in the #PhilTech space, Erin has been profiled in @Entrepreneur, @BBCTech, @HuffPost, @NatGeoTravel, @FoxNews, and @NPR.
  • Impact funds: the gateway drug to investing differently
    Impact funds: the gateway drug to investing differently Rod Schwartz, CEO and Founder, ClearlySo, and Harry Humphreys, Head of Fund Advisory, ClearlySo Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Many investors want to engage in impact investing and feel strongly about societal issues they want to try and solve. But most people don’t know where to start, what investment opportunities exist, and how to figure out what makes sense for them.

    To help listeners cut through the hype, we will offer some ideas about what funds and products are available, how to access them, some of the possible pitfalls and how to find an impact investment strategy that works. We will focus the discussion on impact funds in the context of trends for the impact sector as a whole.

    This webinar will cover:
    - Why does anybody invest in impact?
    - How to cut through the hype about impact investing? What can I actually do today that makes sense?
    - What are HNWIs, Family Offices, and Institutions investing in (investment themes, solving problems, asset classes, alignment)?
    - Why do people invest in impact funds? What are the trade-offs? What works and what doesn’t? What to look for in an Impact Fund?
    - Lots of specific examples
    - Q&A

    You’ll hopefully leave this webinar with a clearer view on how you can invest to solve the world’s biggest problems.

    All welcome to join.
  • Q3 Overview - LF Livingbridge UK Micro Cap Fund
    Q3 Overview - LF Livingbridge UK Micro Cap Fund Ken Wotton and Brendan Gulston Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Hear from our Fund Managers, Ken Wotton and Brendan Gulston, as they share views on the market and discuss performance over the third quarter of 2018
  • Real Assets – why a combined approach makes sense
    Real Assets – why a combined approach makes sense Lorna Brown, Robin Martin and Tom Sumpster, LGIM Real Assets; Brendan Maton, IPE Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    The interest in growing Real Asset exposures in portfolios has boomed in recent years. But with an asset class that encompasses a range of Real Estate and Infrastructure sectors, and different shades of debt and equity, investors are faced with many options.

    Tune in to this webcast to hear LGIM's market experts Lorna Brown, Head of Real Estate Debt, Rob Martin, Real Assets Research Director and Tom Sumpster, Head of Infrastructure Finance talk about the different roles the asset class can play in meeting investors’ objectives.

    IPE’s Brendan Maton, will be quizzing Lorna, Rob and Tom on:
    • How investors should be thinking about allocating to Real Assets
    • The current market environment in the UK
    • Which areas of the market look most interesting now
    • What are the risks that investors need to consider

    Presented by:
    Lorna Brown - Head of Real Estate Debt, LGIM Real Assets
    Robin Martin - Director of Research, LGIM Real Assets
    Tom Sumpster - Head of Infrastructure Finance, LGIM Real Assets

    Moderated by:
    Brendan Maton, IPE
  • Necessidades e evolução das organizações ágeis
    Necessidades e evolução das organizações ágeis Tatiana Correa Lima Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Agilidade é uma nova forma de atuar em ambientes complexos, que tem como foco as pessoas e suas conexões. Se o framework vai ser SCRUM, KANBAN, SAFe, LESS, NEXUS, qualquer outro ou uma combinação deles... ou até um framework prescritivo..., se torna um mero detalhe quando as pessoas interagem e colaboram em torno de um propósito comum.
    Neste webinar, vamos falar sobre a essência da agilidade e como ela está sendo levada pelos agile coaches everis Brasil dentro da companhia e para nossos clientes.
  • A New Approach to Online Brand Protection
    A New Approach to Online Brand Protection Charlie Abrahams, Senior Vice President, MarkMonitor Oct 17 2018 1:00 pm UTC 90 mins
    Want brand protection that counts toward your bottom line?

    Start with your consumer. Research shows that 23 percent of shoppers unknowingly purchase counterfeits.

    In this webinar, we hear how the right technology and best practices can ensure that the most visible pages in search listings, marketplaces and paid search ads are as clean as possible from counterfeit, pirated and grey market listings.