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BrightTALK webinars and videos

  • Singtel & Viptela: Address your hybrid network challenges in APAC with SD-WAN Singtel & Viptela: Address your hybrid network challenges in APAC with SD-WAN Hoo Shu Yee, Product Dir, Singtel & Ramesh Prabagaran, VP, Viptela,Inc. Live 60 mins
    With APAC’s varying stages of infrastructure development, managing an enterprise Wide Area Network (WAN) in the region can be extremely challenging. This is compounded by different networking standards and service level agreements (SLAs) across countries, as well as disparities in race and culture.

    Furthermore, as more applications move onto the cloud and employees become more mobile, enterprises have to deal with growing risk of cyber attacks with increasingly complex WAN environments that combine multiple private networks and public internet services.

    In this webinar, learn more about managing an enterprise network in APAC. We will touch on how:

    - To address potential challenges with WAN architectures evolving to hybrid networks
    - To optimise and accelerate connectivity to the cloud
    - Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) works and helps you manage your hybrid network more effectively
    - Enterprises have leveraged SD-WAN to increase efficiency and reduce cost

    Lastly, find out how Singtel ConnectPlus SD-WAN service powered by Viptela, designed with security in mind, can help to simplify and unify your networks, while providing protection against data breaches and attacks.
  • Combining Mobile and Web App Technologies to Get Supercharged Agility Combining Mobile and Web App Technologies to Get Supercharged Agility Ken Spokas Technical Director & BPM/BRMS Practice Lead, Vizuri Maggie Hu Senior Solution Architect, Red Hat Recorded: Jan 19 2017 56 mins
    Taking a fully dynamic web application driven by rules and creating a native mobile app out of it may sound time-consuming. Learn how to do it in no time, with a minimum amount of code.

    Watch this webcast to see a quick survey app modified on the fly. You'll learn:
    • How straight-forward rules can create complex interactions in the app.
    • How processes in business process management (BPM) can add order.
    • Some great insights into how these technologies play together.
    • Get ideas on how they could be a great solution to your next mobile application development challenge.
  • 8 Things to Analyze in Outbound Packets 8 Things to Analyze in Outbound Packets Randy Franklin Smith, Windows Security Subject Matter Expert, and Rob McGovern, Sr. Technical Product Manager at LogRhythm Recorded: Jan 19 2017 90 mins
    Most modern malware operates as part of a system. Whether it’s a multi-part kill chain with droppers and payloads, a botnet with command and control servers, or ransomware encrypting files, the malware on the compromised system talks to other systems over the internet.

    If you have been compromised, and didn’t catch malware on the way in, you can often find it by monitoring outbound network connections.

    In this webinar, Randy Franklin Smith, Windows Security Subject Matter Expert, and Rob McGovern, Sr. Technical Product Manager at LogRhythm, discuss the top 8 things to analyze in outbound connections from your network to the Internet.

    The duo also shows you how Network Monitor tools can help you improve your network analysis and forensics capabilities.

    Join this webcast to learn how monitoring your network can help you detect and investigate potential malicious behavior within your IT environment.
  • Helping flydubai Takeoff with APIs and Digital Transformation Integration Helping flydubai Takeoff with APIs and Digital Transformation Integration Mohammed Ahteshamuddin, Vice President IT, flydubai & Paul Crerand, Director Solution Consulting, MuleSoft Recorded: Jan 18 2017 60 mins
    IATA estimates that by 2034 there will be 7.3 billion air passengers globally, which is twice more than what we have today. Alongside economic forces and passenger demands, pressure on the aviation and travel industry remains as intense as ever.

    Since launching in 2009, flydubai has strived to remove barriers to travel and enhance connectivity between different cultures. With 90 destinations in 44 countries, flydubai has embarked on a digital transformation journey to help enhance business agility, flexibility and the customer experience. Connecting and integrating your SaaS platforms, APIs and application networks is critical in today's digital world, regardless of industry.

    Join Mohammed Ahteshamuddin, Vice President IT – Customer Experience & Passenger Services System, flydubai, and Paul Crerand, Director Solution Consulting, MuleSoft, on Thursday, December 8 at 10am (GMT) for a live webinar as they share their story and best practices.
  • Hacked Elections? Facts & Predictions for 2017 Hacked Elections? Facts & Predictions for 2017 John Bambenek, Manager, Threat Systems at Fidelis Cybersecurity Recorded: Jan 18 2017 49 mins
    The US intelligence community has released their summary of the DNC breach and the election-related hacking and there have been additional disclosures about the attacks.

    This webinar will be the latest on what we know, what we don’t know and what many are merely speculating about. We’ll take a look forward for upcoming European elections to get a perspective on what can be expected there in the coming months.
  • Top 5 Accelerators Defining the Business Landscape in 2020 Top 5 Accelerators Defining the Business Landscape in 2020 Dan Ortega - Blazent's Vice President of Marketing Recorded: Jan 18 2017 4 mins
    In this episode we will review the Top 5 Accelerators Defining the Business Landscape in 2020. What follows is a discussion of the accelerators primarily identified by Forrester and their impact on IT.
  • Solving Today's Mobile and IoT Security Challenges Solving Today's Mobile and IoT Security Challenges Jon Garside, Product Marketing Manager & Rich Boyer, CIO, NTT i3 Recorded: Jan 18 2017 61 mins
    IoT devices are on your network. Do you know how what to do with them?
    Join this presentation to learn the latest cyber threat insights and the security challenges surrounding IoT.

    Learn more about:

    •Misconceptions in the security model for wired vs. wireless networks
    •Managing policies for IoT in the enterprise using contextual data
    •The value of device roles and real-time enforcement for IoT
  • Your 2017 Cloud Security Action Plan Your 2017 Cloud Security Action Plan Maxim Integrated - Matt Hollcraft, CISO & Dave Ruedger, Chief Security Architect; Bitglass - Rich Campagna, SVP Products Recorded: Jan 18 2017 57 mins
    We are now three plus years into widespread adoption across industries of public SaaS apps like Office 365. Despite this momentum, security and compliance remain top challenges. This webinar, featuring Matt Hollcraft, CISO for Maxim Integrated, Dave Ruedger, Chief Security Architect for Maxim Integrated, and Rich Campagna, SVP of Products for Bitglass, will help you build a 2017 action plan to embrace public cloud without sacrificing security and compliance.

    While offering practical, actionable advice for major apps like Office 365, Matt, Dave and Rich will address your top concerns, such as unmanaged device access, external sharing, and mitigating controls. They also will provide real world examples of how other organizations have securely navigated the public cloud.
  • Enabling the Digital Workspace with Identity at the Center Enabling the Digital Workspace with Identity at the Center Josue Fontanez, Sr. Product Line Marketing Manager, VMware Recorded: Jan 18 2017 48 mins
    The digital workspace is the result of tectonic shifts in end-user computing. From the diversity of devices and applications in use, to the end-users who use them, the digital workspace , with Identity at the center empowers end-users to be productive and access any app, from any device, anywhere. In this session, we'll cover the Identity capabilities in Workspace ONE that provide end-users with secure access to apps with a one-touch single sign-on experience from personal and corporate managed devices. We will also review how it empowers IT to ensure security and control by through fine-grained controls that can limit and/or block from access from non-compliant devices.
  • Avoiding Risk in CPA Firm Mergers Avoiding Risk in CPA Firm Mergers Joseph Tarasco and John Raspante Recorded: Jan 18 2017 64 mins
    All mergers and acquisitions (M&A) involve some degree of risk—and carry no guarantees of fulfilling the intended goals and objectives of the transaction. However, using M&A as a growth, talent acquisition, and succession planning strategy is essential and a top priority at most firms.

    The right deal could take your firm to the next level of success provided that you take the proper precautions before and after consummating the transaction.

    This webinar will address avoiding M&A risks and focusing on maximizing the deal’s ROI.

    What we will discuss:
    •Balancing risk in M&A while maximizing ROI
    •Increase ROI and the chances of a successful transaction by assessing the level of risk and avoiding M&A deal traps.
    •Doing what it takes to avoid big risks and placing the emphasis on the deal’s ROI and strategic implications.
    •Determining the right M&A strategic goals and objectives that have the best potential of maximizing ROI and minimizing risk in the future.
    •Avoiding the risk of a terminated transaction after many months of discussions by planning and structuring the deal terms and identifying deal breakers and dissenting partners early in the negotiation stages.
  • What Did Russians Really Hack? What Did Russians Really Hack? Alex Holden, Founder & CISO of Hold Security, LLC Recorded: Jan 18 2017 59 mins
    Almost every news story about cyber security today starts with “the Russians did it!” Did the Russians hack the US elections? Do they regularly steal our data? Who is behind of all the hacking? We will take an insider look at the Russian hackers and try to delineate their ill gains and techniques. Most importantly, what will they do next?
  • Data Center Consolidation and Simplification with Hyperconverged Data Center Consolidation and Simplification with Hyperconverged Sushant Rao, Sr. Director Product & Solutions Marketing, DataCore Software Recorded: Jan 18 2017 40 mins
    Server virtualization was supposed to consolidate and simplify IT infrastructure in data centers. But, that only “sort of happened”. Companies do have fewer servers but they never hit the consolidation ratios they expected. Why? In one word, performance.

    Surveys show that 61% of companies have experienced slow applications after server virtualization with 77% pointing to I/O problems as the culprit.

    Now, with hyperconverged, companies have another opportunity to fulfill their vision of consolidating and reduce the complexity of their infrastructure. But, this will only happen if their applications get the I/O performance they need.

    Join us for this webinar where we will show you how to get industry leading I/O response times and the best price/performance so you can reduce and simplify your infrastructure.
  • The Tech Tools Empowering National Security in a Digital World The Tech Tools Empowering National Security in a Digital World Iveta Topalova, WW Public Sector Architect Manager Recorded: Jan 18 2017 25 mins
    National security agencies face significant challenges today. From new and unknown threats, to operating tempo and budget challenges, having the right technology in place is key to ensuring security in an increasingly evolving threatscape.

    What if technology could help you:
    Gain a common operating picture through shared awareness and visualization of unfolding events
    Harness and validate new and existing sources of data to unlock key patterns and insights
    Align and modernize systems for improved anytime, anywhere command and operations communication
    Improve operational readiness and impact through the use of devices and apps tailored to specific roles and missions

    In this webcast, we begin with the end in mind: the need for the optimization of data insights through analytics, the alignment of platforms and devices for enhanced security and readiness, and the enablement of command and operations within an agile, data-driven national security ecosystem.

    Join this discussion to:
    - Discuss current trends that are presenting significant challenges to protecting US citizens from terrorism and crime
    - See how advancements in technology are empowering national security and federal law enforcement agencies to meet these challenges
    - Learn how agencies are implementing a digital transformation strategy to enhance how they better protect citizens
  • How Subscription Businesses Take the Pain Out of Month-end Close How Subscription Businesses Take the Pain Out of Month-end Close Scott Bennion, CFO, Recurly & Andrew Chapello, Product Manager, Recurly Recorded: Jan 18 2017 51 mins
    For most finance executives, closing the books is a time-consuming, painful process. But for those who lead finance teams in subscription businesses, month-end close is complicated further by the need to recognize recurring revenue.

    How does a midsize subscription business streamline revenue recognition to achieve a faster and more efficient month-end close?

    Join subscription management experts, Scott Bennion and Andrew Chapello and learn:

    •Key considerations for recognizing recurring revenue

    •Essential steps for alleviating or even eliminating the pain of month-end close

    •How to adapt your processes for recognizing recurring revenue and closing the books as your subscription business scales

    •How to tell when it's time to automate revenue recognition and how to facilitate a smooth transition when you're ready to do so.
  • Accurate Sales Forecast – Fact or Fiction? Accurate Sales Forecast – Fact or Fiction? Tom Snyder - Founder, Funnel Clarity | Chris Badger - Sr. Director Partner Alliances, ClearSlide Recorded: Jan 18 2017 34 mins
    Perhaps the worst kept secret in the corporate world is the level of frustration associated with trying to get an accurate revenue forecast from the sales organization. At every level, from the individual sales rep all the way to the CRO, there is typically as much guesswork as science involved in the process of predicting near term revenue.

    It is a problem that is relatively easy to solve.

    Join this 30 minute webinar to see how customer engagement data and an understanding of the customer’s decision journey can yield consistently more accurate forecasts, shorter sales cycles and better sales strategies.
  • Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Escaping the Storage Licensing Money Pit Dave Wright - Vice President & General Manager, NetApp SolidFire and Tim Stammers - Senior Storage Analyst, 451 Research Recorded: Jan 18 2017 57 mins
    The tables have been stacked against storage buyers for decades, but a change is coming. Forget the endless refresh treadmill of monolithic storage systems, and licensing models that are not just inflexible, but also force you to pay again and again for the same technology. Join this webinar to learn how to liberate your storage budget, and pay for storage the way that suits your business rather than the vendors, with 451 Research senior analyst Tim Stammers, and NetApp SolidFire’s Vice President & General Manager, Dave Wright.
  • CA Technologies: Advanced Monitoring and Management of SD-WAN CA Technologies: Advanced Monitoring and Management of SD-WAN Tim Diep, Director of Product Management, CA Technologies & Jeremy Rossbach, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, CA Technologies Recorded: Jan 18 2017 44 mins
    How does SD-WAN shift the status quo for the Operations teams? SD-WAN technology possesses sophisticated, in-built capability for operations and management, and advanced automation to address network problems in real-time. However, the Operations teams needs to seamlessly integrate this network and health status intelligence from their new SD-WAN infrastructure into their existing monitoring and management infrastructure.

    Additionally, monitoring solutions must provide visibility across all network architectures including highly dynamic and complex hybrid clouds and other SDN elements.

    This session covers the integration of CA Virtual Network Assurance and CA Performance Management with Viptela SD-WAN. The key topics that will be discussed include:

    - Eliminating visibility gaps between traditional networks and SD-WAN providing administrators with insights to optimize and transform their large hybrid networks
    - Providing relationship mapping of major IT events
    - Visualizing physical and logical dependencies in applications and service chains
    - Extending visibility for operators with network performance monitoring across cloud, SDN and SD-WAN networks (including service chains)
    - Enabling operational insight into how all elements of traditional and overlay networks affect service integrity
  • HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table HR Performance Metrics & Earning that Seat at the Executive Table Anisa Aven, CEO of TurnKey Coaching & Development Solutions with Sri Chellappa, President of Engagedly Recorded: Jan 18 2017 30 mins
    What it really means to be a strategic HR leader.

    HR leaders who want a seat at the executive ​"​strategy planning​"​ table need to become Human Resources critical thinkers who align their people plans (HR strategy) with the strategic goals and profitability of the company. (Look at any HR discussion forum, and you’ll find some version of this question: How can HR get a “seat at the table” and become a strategic business partner?) But most HR leaders find themselves occupied in a problem-solving role as employee reactionaries; "we need a new hire"... "we need disciplinary help" "We have a problem employee"... "We need our managers to get training on the new compliance laws." Far too often, people-pleasing HR leaders fail to cultivate the mindset necessary for creating strategy that adds value to the overall organizational success. This not only stems from traditional HR expectations which focus on people, compliance, and problems but also from HR leaders not managing their own strategic value and ​intentionally ​building their department​ and initiatives ​​​​​on a profitability mindset.​ ​ Companies that want to ensure future success will look to HR to furnish better succession plans, more effective methods of retaining employees, programs to improve employee engagement, and refined performance management and training processes. (If they don’t find what they need from HR, they will reduce budgets, outsource, and shift responsibilities to other service departments.)​ HR departments won’t see improved budgets or more power and responsibilities until there’s a shift in HR mindset and a focus on HR Strategy that aligns with business needs. ​

    This relaxed chat addresses how HR leaders can earn that seat at the table by focusing on profitability, innovation, and the growth of the company.
  • Managing Big Data in the Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform Managing Big Data in the Bedrock Data Lake Management Platform Adam Diaz, Director of Field Engineering Recorded: Jan 18 2017 43 mins
    In this webinar, Adam Diaz, Director of Field Engineering at Zaloni, will demonstrate how the Bedrock platform can run as a data federation layer that makes it easy to organize and manage data, regardless of volume, across your enterprise data architecture.

    Data Federation describes any approach to data management that allows an application to retrieve and manipulate data because it understands the metadata associated. To do this and obtain business value, an enterprise­-grade data lake management and governance platform like Bedrock is required. The use of data across multiple clusters, databases and streams of data is enabled via Bedrock workflows.

    In this context, topics covered will include:

    - Classic Enterprise Architectures and Data Siloing

    - Data Lake 360 Solution: a Holistic Approach to Modern Data Management

    - Industry Trends - Movement to the Cloud and Hybrid Environments

    - Metadata Management - and Handling Non-Persistent Environments

    - Introduction to Bedrock

    - Demonstration of Bedrock - How do I manage multiple systems?
  • How to Monitor & Manage Application & Infrastructure Performance for Better UX How to Monitor & Manage Application & Infrastructure Performance for Better UX Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations Recorded: Jan 18 2017 67 mins
    Citrix application infrastructures are very performance sensitive. A small problem anywhere in your infrastructure can quickly lead to frustrated users complaining to the help desk that “Citrix is slow” or "not working”. You then have to spend hours finding out where the real problem lies before you can resolve it and restore a positive user experience. Is it really a Citrix issue, or is the issue actually originating somewhere else in the infrastructure – i.e., the network, application, virtual platform, storage, etc.?

    Join us for this webinar where Bala Vaidhinathan, CTO of eG Innovations, will discuss:

    - how you can extend Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) to monitor and manage Citrix infrastructures end to end,
    - when a user complains that Citrix is slow, you can pinpoint exactly where the cause of the problem lies
  • Solving IoT & BYOD Challenges: The Answers are in your Network Solving IoT & BYOD Challenges: The Answers are in your Network Shaun Henderson & Peter Connolly, ExtraHop Networks Recorded: Jan 18 2017 20 mins
    Whether they are ready for it or not, IT Operations teams have the Internet of Things, including BYOD devices such as smart watches, added to their list of responsibilities. With employees bringing in potentially compromised devices, it's time for enterprise IT to understand their environment and not just tick the compliance box. On the other hand, IoT poses an opportunity for IT organizations to add significant value to the business by providing real-time operational intelligence. A new monitoring approach called wire data analytics analyzes communications on the network to extract valuable IoT security, performance, and even operations data—and requires no agents! Tune in for a technical deep-dive into the network impact of IoT, how to make the most of your data from connected devices, and how to mitigate potential security and threat risks involved.
  • Successful Identity Management Deployments – Don’t forget the user experience Successful Identity Management Deployments – Don’t forget the user experience Sumner Blount, Director, Security Solutions, CA Technologies Recorded: Jan 18 2017 57 mins
    A critical element to the success of an identity management deployment is the user experience, but it’s often overlooked, or not given high enough priority. An identity management deployment without a seamless, convenient user experience could be the make or break point for success.

    This webcast will highlight critical components of a convenient and secure user experience. Attendees will learn:
     Current trends in identity management and governance
     Essential characteristics of employee, partner, and customer identity management
     Key attributes of a successful identity management user experience with examples
     Recommendations for a successful identity management deployment