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BrightTALK webinars and videos

  • Own Your Keys to the Cloud
    Own Your Keys to the Cloud Rich Mogull, CEO, Securosis; Ken Beer, GM AWS; Jon Fan, Dir of Enterprise Products, Box Recorded: Mar 24 2017 59 mins
    As organizations, like yours, move their data to the cloud file sharing and collaboration solutions, there may be a limit to what type of data can be moved there without controlling your own encryption keys. With recently announced Box KeySafe (formerly Box EKM), you can now take advantage of content collaboration in the cloud while maintaining independent control over the encryption keys that protect their content. How?

    Box has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide on-demand management of keys through AWS KMS (Key Management Services). This is a perfect option for organizations that require a simple solution configurable in 30 minutes to address advanced security needs.

    Join Rich Mogull, Industry Analyst and CEO of Securosis with Ken Beer, General Manager of Amazon Web Services and Jon Fan, Dir of Enterprise Products at Box to learn how to:

    - Identify whether you need customer-managed encryption
    - Evaluate options and identify requirements
    - Real-world case studies from different industries and company sizes
    - How organizations justify the investment
    - How to deploy fast without compromising usability and governance at scale
  • Demo - New Box Provider Solution
    Demo - New Box Provider Solution Missy Krasner, Box Recorded: Mar 24 2017 42 mins
    Are you looking for ways to digitize your paper-based workflows at your hospital? Faxing, scanning and burning CDs are labor intensive and require infrastructure costs? To address this, Box, the leading HIPAA compliant collaboration platform for providers and payors has launched a new Provider Solution that helps healthcare organizations digitize paper-based workflows. This new solution includes our core Box collaboration service with our new Box DICOM Viewer (an FDA cleared Class II Medical device), Box Governance to help with data retention and content security, and some new partner integrations that includes messaging into and out of EHRs.

    View this on-demand webinar to see how the new Box Provider Solution helps hospitals:

    - Digitize paper based workflows - Integrate with faxing services to minimize manual paper-based workflows and improve document capture.
    - View and share medical images - Store, view and share clinical imaging studies securely in the cloud or on any mobile device. Share imaging studies across facilities, with patients and with referring doctors. Enable remote diagnosis or 2nd opinion workflows and wet reads and consults on-the-go.
    - Communicate securely with EHR/PHRs - Using the government sponsored Direct secure messaging protocol, Box can send and receive medical records from EHRs/PHRs in the form of CCDs or CDAs.
    - Stay secure and HIPAA compliant - Set data retention policies and content security rules with the new Box Governance service. Box signs HIPAA Business Associate Agreements with its healthcare customers and offers the best-in-class security, auditing and reporting.
  • Box + Microsoft - Better collaboration and security with Box
    Box + Microsoft - Better collaboration and security with Box Carlos Luna, Administrator at Cox Automotive, Edward Shi, Product Manager at Box, Trevor Niblock, Group Product Manager, Box Recorded: Mar 24 2017 61 mins
    Need a business solution that will enhance security – without getting in the way of collaboration? When companies like yours use our new Box + Microsoft integration, they get the flexibility and productivity they want, the user experience they need, and the security and control that IT departments require.

    In this webinar, Box + Microsoft: Better Collaboration and Security with Box + Office 365, you'll learn how your organization can leverage great new Box + Office 365 features:

    - Real-time collaboration and co-authoring in Office files
    - Productivity on any device, with easy-to-use apps
    - Hassle-free access to Outlook attachments

    Join Carlos Luna, Administrator at Cox Automotive, Edward Shi, Associate Product Manager at Box, and Trevor Niblock, Group Product Marketing Manager at Box, as they take a closer look at the many ways your business could benefit from the productivity of Microsoft and the collaboration and security of Box.
  • The Total Economic Impact of Box
    The Total Economic Impact of Box Michelle S. Bishop, Principal Consultant of Total Economic Impact™ Practice, Forrester; Jeremy Wood, Sr Director of PM, Box Recorded: Mar 24 2017 62 mins
    Looking to better understand your return on investment from using Box – and how you can use the same ROI­analysis techniques to make smarter IT decisions within your own organization?

    Today's workforce demands the ability to work securely from anywhere, at any time, on any device. These highly mobile­centric employees need robust tools to collaborate among diverse teams, yet sophisticated cybersecurity threats have placed new demands on IT – and on the applications they're choosing to deploy. Although cloud solutions have revolutionized the way we get work done, many businesses are still struggling to understand the true cost benefit of deploying these invaluable solutions.

    Box has commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study, creating a detailed financial analysis of the cost, benefit, flexibility and risk factors associated with deploying Box.

    Watch this webinar to learn why the Forrester TEI study can be the key to your organization's digital evolution:
    - Become more familiar with Box and its functionality
    - Hear a detailed ROI analysis of Box deployment, as outlined in the -
    Forrester TEI study for Box
    - Discover the methodology Forrester uses to develop the study
    - Gain insight into how you can apply the Forrester methodology to your own company
  • Crafty Apes Chooses Qumulo For Work on La La Land
    Crafty Apes Chooses Qumulo For Work on La La Land Anh Quach, Qumulo Director of Customer Success Recorded: Mar 24 2017 18 mins
    Powerhouse Visual Effects Studio Turns to Qumulo To Deliver Cost-Effective Performance, Scalability and Support

    Crafty Apes is a boutique visual effects (VFX) studio that has earned a reputation in the 2D compositing world for its work on hit films and shows ranging from Marvel titles like Doctor Strange and Captain America: Civil War to Disney’s Pete’s Dragon and Fox’s Hidden Figures.

    The massive opening shot to the hit movie La La Land presented a unique and highly complicated challenge. At more than five minutes long and over 8,000 frames, the opening sequence dwarfs the film industry’s average of two to five seconds and a hundred frames between cuts.

    Anh Quach, Qumulo Director of Customer Success, and 12-year media & entertainment tech veteran, tells the true Hollywood story of creative challenge and technical breakthrough that contributed to 7 Golden Globes and 5 Academy Awards.
  • How to Store and Manage 10 Billion Files
    How to Store and Manage 10 Billion Files David Bailey, Qumulo Director of Systems Engineering Recorded: Mar 24 2017 7 mins
    What’s in a number? Well, when that number is 10 billion, I’d say it can mean quite a lot.

    For some, 10 billion represents:
    - The number of photos posted on Facebook (by 2008)
    - The number of song downloads from Apple iTunes (by 2010)
    - The number of Tweets issued by Twitter (by 2010)
    - The number of times Shazam was used to tag songs (by 2013)
    - The number of monthly emails being sent by MailChimp (by 2014)
    - The number of monthly music video views on VEVO (by 2015)
    - The number of quarterly streaming hours of content on Netflix (by 2015)

    For Qumulo, we like to demonstrate how and why our customers create and manage 10+ billion files (in 1.2 million directories) in a single scale-out file system.

    Join David Bailey, Qumulo’s Director of Systems Engineering, for this demo, and see why customers call Qumulo Core scale-out storage “the smartest storage product ever built.”
  • The Simple, Smart Way to Move to the Cloud with Box
    The Simple, Smart Way to Move to the Cloud with Box Aaron Kramer, Head of Consulting, Box; Greg Cannan, Divisional Informational Officer, Toyota USA​ Recorded: Mar 24 2017 51 mins
    Considering the move to cloud but facing challenges getting there?

    Companies of all sizes and in all industries have recognized the productivity gains and cost benefits of moving to the cloud, but many often end up inadvertently using migration methods that are inefficient and insecure. After all, moving massive amounts of sensitive data to the cloud isn't a simple undertaking!

    At Box, we believe businesses across the globe should be able to make a smooth and seamless transition to the cloud so they can start reaping its benefits faster. That's why we're excited to announce a new service called Box Shuttle: the simple, smart way to migrate large amounts of content to Box.

    Watch now to learn about how our content migration services can help you move to Box.

    - Justify the investment – and return on investment – of content management in the cloud
    - Learn how Box can help you do the heavy lifting with customizable migration service offerings
    - Hear how Toyota moved hundreds of millions of files to Box and got up and running in a week

    It's your move. Register now for the webinar to learn how Box can help you accelerate your shift to the cloud.
  • The Next Wave of Content Management
    The Next Wave of Content Management Cheryl McKinnon, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research; Rand Wacker, VP of Enterprise Product Management, Box Recorded: Mar 24 2017 49 mins
    You're now thinking about moving your content management to the cloud, and the tools you need are finally here. Jumpstart the transition by joining this conversation with Forrester's Principal Analyst, Cheryl McKinnon and Box's VP of Enterprise Product Management, Rand Wacker where they'll cover the changing ECM landscape and reveal exclusive trends in the space.

    Plus, you'll hear from Box on how it offers a simple, modern approach to content management, bringing you the key capabilities from your legacy ECM system without compromising user experience or security.

    Join this webinar to hear about:
    - The recent evolution of the ECM landscape
    - The future of ECM and how to implement successful change management
    - Box's modern approach to content management and what it means for the enterprise
  • What Is Natural Language?
    What Is Natural Language? Jordi Torras, Inbenta CEO Recorded: Mar 24 2017 2 mins
    Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras explains the differences between natural and formal language and how computers can be enabled to understand the way humans naturally talk.
  • How Machine Learning & NLP Deliver Results
    How Machine Learning & NLP Deliver Results Jordi Torras, Inbenta CEO Recorded: Mar 24 2017 3 mins
    An explanation of how machine Learning and natural language processing work together in the Inbenta solution to deliver results from day one onward.
  • The Human Future of AI
    The Human Future of AI Jordi Torras, CEO & Founder Recorded: Mar 24 2017 2 mins
    Inbenta CEO Jordi Torras talks about how AI will improve the way people live and allow them to concentrate on what makes us truly human: passion and creativity.
  • Stelligent Acquisition Briefing
    Stelligent Acquisition Briefing Joel Daly, CEO of HOSTING Recorded: Mar 24 2017 21 mins
    Join Joel Daly, CEO of HOSTING, as he goes live to discuss HOSTING's acquisition of Stelligent, a technology services company that provides DevOps Automation in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud.

    Bring your questions as there will be a live Q&A during the webinar!
  • Rapid7 AppSpider Product Demo
    Rapid7 AppSpider Product Demo Hollis Howell Recorded: Mar 24 2017 23 mins
    While today's malicious attackers pursue a variety of goals, they share a preferred channel of attack - the millions of custom web, mobile, and cloud applications companies deploy to serve their customers.

    Join us for a live demo of Rapid7's AppSpider, to explore its capabilities of dynamically scanning applications for vulnerabilities across all modern technologies.
  • Internet of Things: Smarter Security and Visibility in Manufacturing
    Internet of Things: Smarter Security and Visibility in Manufacturing Barbara Giamanco, Kimberly Knickle & Patricia Panchak Recorded: Mar 24 2017 63 mins
    Manufacturing is evolving worldwide and IoT is supporting better manufacturing processes.

    New information technologies make managing manufacturing operations more efficient and the work smarter. The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to radically improve visibility throughout the manufacturing process.

    Join this dynamic discussion with Barbara Giamanco, CEO, Social Centered Selling, Kimberly Knickle, Research Vice President, IDC Manufacturing Insights, and Patricia Panchak, Editor-in-Chief, Industry Week and Group Content.

    In this webcast you will:

    - Learn how smart manufacturing impacts all areas of the business
    - See how new technologies enable the tracking of assets, processes and resources
    - Learn what it takes to make sure machines work together
    - See how teams of knowledge workers will orchestrate the process
    - Learn how to construct your security roadmap
  • China’s consumer revolution
    China’s consumer revolution Dale Nicholls Recorded: Mar 24 2017 6 mins
    Since taking over the Fidelity China Special Situations PLC three years ago in April 2014, portfolio manager Dale Nicholls has seen first-hand how China’s shift from an export-led to a consumption-led nation has created a multitude of new investment opportunities. Here Dale talks through some of the key investment opportunities he’s seeing as a result of the changing spending habits of China’s fast-growing middle class.
  • Better Together: How Integrating Your Sales Tools Can Accelerate Sales Performan
    Better Together: How Integrating Your Sales Tools Can Accelerate Sales Performan Giles House, CMO, CallidusCloud and Jerry Rackley, Chief Analyst, Demand Metric Recorded: Mar 24 2017 61 mins
    In today's complex B2B sales environment, realizing the full benefits of the sales tool set depends on many factors, namely integration. Over 33% of the organizations studied have minimal to no integration between their sales tools.
    Through this sales tool integration study, it's been proven that the integration of sales tools with each other and CRM systems result in remarkably better sales outcomes. We want you to be able to generate revenue significantly easier and improve your sales process effectiveness. Watch DemandMetric and CallidusCloud to learn why only 15% of the study respondents use 5 or more of the tool categories and what are the top barriers of integrating sales tools.

    - What is the impact of trapping your sales tools in disconnected silos?
    - What is the current state of tool integration?
    - What benefits come when tools are integrated?
  • How To Effectively Generate A Constant Flow Of Customer Referrals
    How To Effectively Generate A Constant Flow Of Customer Referrals Donald Kelly Recorded: Mar 24 2017 46 mins
    Welcome to The Sales Experts Channel! We are a community of 63 sales authors, trainers, researchers and thought leaders collaborating here to answer your questions about how to sell more effectively.
  • Highlights of HPE Data Protector: Current and outlook to next release version
    Highlights of HPE Data Protector: Current and outlook to next release version Uli Wallscheid, Technical Consultant, HPE Information Management, specialist for HPE Data Protector Recorded: Mar 24 2017 62 mins
    Is your infrastructure evolving so fast that your existing backup environment can’t cope? Join presenter Uli Wallscheid, HPE Technical Consultant and specialist for HPE Data Protector, to learn what HPE has to offer with Data Protector, including features and benefits you never knew were available.

    You’ll also get a sneak preview of the next release version and will learn how it addresses the challenges of complexity, cost, and recoverability of today’s information-driven enterprises, with features such as:
    • Added platforms and integrations
    • New Virtualization features
    • Security updates
    • Storage integrations
  • Новые технологии Outotec для перекачки пульп
    Новые технологии Outotec для перекачки пульп Евгений Жмарин, руководитель технологического направления Recorded: Mar 24 2017 55 mins
    Основной темой вебинара является концепция комплексного подхода Outotec к выбору шламовых насосов для перекачки пульп.

    По статистике, операционные затраты на работу насосов в среднем составляют 4-6% от расходов обогатительной фабрики, поэтому правильный выбор насосов и режимов их эксплуатации является важной составляющей оптимизации производства.

    Начиная с 2016 года, компания Outotec стала стратегическим партнером GIW Industries – одного из мировых лидеров по поставкам шламовых насосов. Объединяя обширные знания Outotec в технологиях обогащения и многолетний опыт GIW в области проектирования и изготовления шламовых насосов, мы готовы предоставить нашим заказчикам комплексные решения по перекачке пульп, обладающие высоким коэффициентом использования оборудования и оптимизированными операционными затратами, а также обеспечивающие стабильность технологических процессов и максимальную производительность.

    Темы вебинара:
    1. Партнерство Outotec/GIW – уникальные решения в области перекачки пульп;
    2. Модельный ряд шламовых насосов Outotec GIW. Исследования, проектирование, производство;
    3. Комплексный подход к выбору шламовых насосов. Решения в области измельчения, флотации, сгущения, фильтрации и др.;
    4. Оптимизация систем перекачки пульп и модернизация насосов.
  • Turvallisuus kilpailuetuna – harjoittelu tekee mestarin
    Turvallisuus kilpailuetuna – harjoittelu tekee mestarin Jarno Limnell Recorded: Mar 24 2017 61 mins
    Webinaarissa esitellään, mitä turvallisuus on vuonna 2017, miten turvallisuuden uusi normaalitila vaikuttaa liiketoimintaan, ja miltä turvallisuuden tulevaisuus näyttää. Lisäksi katsotaan konkreettisen harjoittelun merkitystä onnistuneen lopputuloksen aikaansaamiseksi.

    Jarno Limnéll tarkastelee omassa osuudessaan mm. fyysisen ja digitaalisen turvallisuuden keskeisiä muutostrendejä, sekä turvallisuuden merkityksen vahvistumista kilpailukykyisen liiketoiminnan ja laadukkaan palveluntuotannon mahdollistajana. Hänen osaamisessaan yhdistyy poikkeuksellisen laaja yhteiskunnallisen turvallisuuden ymmärrys sekä käytännölliset havainnot toimintaympäristön muutosten vaikutuksista toiminnan perusteisiin ja edellytyksiin.

    Martti Setälän esityksessä tarkastellaan johdon valmius- ja kriisiharjoittelun roolia ja mahdollisuuksia häiriöttömän toiminnan kehittämisessä sekä häiriötilanteiden tehokkaassa kriisinhallinnassa ja palautumisessa. Miten harjoituksen suunnittelu-, toteutus- ja palautevaiheita hyödyntäen voidaan kehittää organisaation tärkeitä osaamisia, ohjeistuksia ja prosesseja? Miten harjoitustoimintaa kannattaa kehittää osana organisaation oppimista ja koulutusta? Miten harjoitustoiminta rakentaa organisaation sisäistä ja organisaatioiden välistä yhteistyötä ja tilanneymmärrystä?

    Harjoittelu ja simulointi on tärkeää myös IT palvelunhallinnan kja projektinhallinnan oppimisessa ja sisäistämisessä. Wakarulta löydät simulaatiopelit näiden aihealueiden sisäistämiseen.


    Jarno Limnéll, Kyberturvallisuusjohtaja Insta Group Oy:ssä ja Kyberturvallisuuden professori Aalto-yliopistossa.

    Martti Setälä, Asiakkuus- ja kehitysjohtaja, Insta Trust Oy.
  • Rapid7 InsightIDR Product Demo - APAC
    Rapid7 InsightIDR Product Demo - APAC Eric Sun and Pat Haley Recorded: Mar 24 2017 48 mins
    Rapid7 InsightIDR delivers trust and confidence: you can trust that any suspicious behavior is being detected, and have confidence that with the full context, you can quickly remediate.

    Developed side-by-side with incident response teams, InsightIDR eliminates data complexity, reduces alert fatigue, and makes analytics accessible to all. You see only what you need to see – from endpoint to cloud.

    By integrating with your existing network & security stack, InsightIDR leverages user behavior analytics to correlate the millions of events your organization generates daily to the exact users and assets behind them. Along with custom included intruder traps, you'll automatically detect the top attack vectors behind breaches, including compromised credentials, malware, and phishing. Combined with a fully searchable data set and endpoint interrogation, InsightIDR directly addresses the gaps found in most of today's detection technologies, including SIEM and IPS.

    Watch this video to learn how InsightIDR can help you:

    - How to cut through the noise to detect attacks
    - How to investigate incidents faster
    - How to end the drudgery of security data management
    - Q&A
    - And more!
  • Avoiding IT and Operational Technology Convergence Pitfalls
    Avoiding IT and Operational Technology Convergence Pitfalls Dan Ortega - Vice President of Marketing Recorded: Mar 23 2017 4 mins
    In this video, we discuss pitfalls to avoid when consolidating IT and Operational Technologies

    A key technology convergence impacting the mainstream adoption of the Internet-of-Things (IoT) is the coming together of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT).
    Below we explore five potential pitfalls to avoid when considering unified IT and OT:
    1.Visibility: Improving visibility across unified IT/OT infrastructure has some benefits such as enabling a single service desk to handle both IT and OT domains, and being able to use common management tools.

    2.Security: We have discussed how operational technology can create a risk for IT. There is, however, an upside of converging IT and OT. The converged technology infrastructure can be subject to the same security policies and can use common compliance controls.

    3.Scalability: By operating OT and IT in separate silos, you miss out on opportunities to procure complimentary technology for both. Purchasing can negotiate better discounts if they are buying technology in high volumes and IT gets to buy IT and OT technology that works together because it can be pre-integrated.

    4.Administration: By keeping IT and OT separated, an organization cannot benefit from being able to lower administration costs through streamlining and centralizing management.

    5.Collaboration: Higher up the food chain, since OT is normally more closely aligned with how the business makes money, a converged IT and OT solution can improve the partnership between business and IT.
    Blazent focuses on providing near real-time insights that can be gained by being able to ingest and analyze large numbers of IT and IoT data streams, correcting data gaps and inconsistencies before the data is consumed.
  • ChalkTalk Video - Primary Storage Should Protect Itself
    ChalkTalk Video - Primary Storage Should Protect Itself George Crump Recorded: Mar 23 2017 4 mins
    Storage that is protects itself aids in the data protection and disaster recovery processes without compromising traditional primary storage performance and features. It does this through a combination of its own capabilities (snapshots, basic replication as well as multi-site and synchronous replication) and by complementing or enhancing existing backup solutions – but not replacing them. While many storage systems have replication capabilities, self-protecting primary storage differs in the implementation of those replication tasks, the number of locations that can be a part of that task and the monitoring of those tasks to ensure successful completion.
  • RSA 2017 — Security and Availability
    RSA 2017 — Security and Availability Bryan Embrey, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Cradlepoint Recorded: Mar 23 2017 1 min
    At RSA 2017, Cradlepoint Senior Product Marketing Manager Bryan Embrey discusses security and five-nines availability that is cloud-monitored and cloud-managed through a single pane of glass.
  • RSA 2017 — SDN for IoT
    RSA 2017 — SDN for IoT Todd Kelly, SVP for Emerging Technologies, Cradlepoint Recorded: Mar 23 2017 2 mins
    At RSA 2017, Cradlepoint SVP for Emerging Technologies Todd Kelly discusses the influx of the Internet of Things, and how a Software-Defined Perimeter approach can foster single-pane-of-glass management of networks, applications, and workloads.
  • The importance of nutritional interventions for cardiovascular health
    The importance of nutritional interventions for cardiovascular health Prof Carl 'Chip' Lavie, Dr Keri Marshall, Prof Manfred Eggersdorfer Mar 27 2017 8:00 am UTC 75 mins
    Join us for our first webinar on heart health, presented by Prof Carl "Chip" Lavie who will be joined by DSM’s Dr Keri Marshall and Prof Manfred Eggersdorfer. Together they will discuss the latest research into the area and examine how nutritional strategies may improve heart health across the world.

    Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is one of the biggest threats to human health, responsible for approximately 17.5 million deaths every year. Today, extensive research on key nutrients, including omega-3 eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and vitamin D, indicate micronutrients have an important role in heart health and reducing the risk of CVD. Looking at omega-3 fatty acids, scientific data indicates that EPA and DHA play a role in the prevention of CVD. Through a complex set of actions EPA and DHA act to beneficially modify a number of risk factors for CVD including blood pressure, platelet reactivity and thrombosis, plasma triglyceride concentrations, vascular function, heart rate and heart rate variability, and inflammation.

    The webinar will first focus on EPA and DHA in supporting heart health and slowing the progression of cardiovascular disease, and then explore the substantial role of vitamin D in reducing the risk factors associated with various cardiometabolic conditions.
  • Making your ideas happen before others do!
    Making your ideas happen before others do! John Joe McGinley and Hannah Hutcheon Mar 27 2017 12:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Success in life or business is about solving problems and sticking to a plan. Yes many of us have ideas for success but how many of us have fallen by the wayside as day to day events impact upon us and drive us off course.

    This means that our ideas remain as dreams, when if documented and carried out they could drive us forward to success.

    If you have an idea and see how it can be implemented you need to write it down in your plan and stay the course before someone else makes your idea their reality!

    John Joe McGinley of Glassagh Consulting and Hannah Hutcheon of Panacea in a new bright talk adviser session will look at:
    •How you can map out your ideas for the future
    •Develop a plan of action that works
    •Techniques to take your ideas out of your head and into your business.

    This session is aimed at anyone with ideas that they have always wanted to implement, but who for whatever reason have left them as dreams. This session will also show you tools and techniques everyone can use to turn great ideas into reality.

    Please book your place for our session on Monday 27th of March at 1pm here before someone else implements your idea!
  • Introduction to the Funder Engagement Programme
    Introduction to the Funder Engagement Programme Dr Louise Lambert - Non-commercial Research Initiatives Manager Mar 27 2017 12:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    We'll be reviewing the new Funder Engagement Pack and how it can help NIHR non-commercial partners to promote the benefits of NIHR support to researchers
  • BCI Horizon Scan 2017
    BCI Horizon Scan 2017 Patrick Alcantara (BCI) & John DiMaria (BSI) Mar 27 2017 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    What are the threats facing your organization? The Business Continuity Institute's annual Horizon Scan Report, in collaboration with BSI, outlines what the main threats are according to business continuity and resilience professionals worldwide, segmented by region, sector and size of organization. Read the report, and if you have questions or want a better understanding of what it means, then makes sure you tune into this webinar.
  • UBenefit Introduction: Part 1 of 5.
    UBenefit Introduction: Part 1 of 5. Margaret Lett PhD Mar 27 2017 3:00 pm UTC 30 mins
    LeClair Group is excited to announce our new partnership with Benefit Resource Inc., to access their premier UBenefit product. UBenefit is a cloud-based software application that facilitates all areas of employee benefits and human resources management. 

    The UBenefit software provides a single solution to insurance agencies who work with LeClair Group to be able to compete in today’s changing world of individual health insurance and employee benefit administration.

    UBenefit drives insurance agencies' efficiency by capturing, managing, and sharing all the moving pieces of the benefit supply chain in a single, streamlined platform.
  • Sales Coaching 101: Trends, Tips and Best Practices from Today's Top Sellers
    Sales Coaching 101: Trends, Tips and Best Practices from Today's Top Sellers Barbara Giamanco, Nancy Bleeke & Carole Mahoney Mar 27 2017 6:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Effective coaching can transform sales.

    Coaching has become a hot topic in the sales world as more organizations realize that an effective coach can be the most significant factor in a salesperson’s ability to achieve their quota goals.

    Sales industry leaders Barbara Giamanco, CEO of Social Centered Selling, Nancy Bleeke, President & Chief Sales Officer, Sales Pro Insider, and Carole Mahoney, Founder & Sales Coach, Unbound Growth, come together to discuss trends, tips and best practices.

    Join this webcast to:

    - Learn how coaching improves sales results
    - Make sure that sales training 'sticks' with a solid coaching program
    - Get tips for finding each salesperson’s unique motivation for being successful in sales
    - Learn strategies for building goals and plans to move salespeople to greater sales success
  • Learn: SANS CyberTalent Women's Immersion Academy (Cybersecurity Training)
    Learn: SANS CyberTalent Women's Immersion Academy (Cybersecurity Training) Sonny Sandelius, SANS CyberTalent Division Mar 27 2017 9:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Join the SANS Institute and WSC for an insightful presentation about the SANS CyberTalent Women’s Immersion Academy. This academy is designed to help qualified women receive training and certifications to quickly and effectively launch careers in cybersecurity. The Immersion Academy is an intensive, accelerated program designed for completion in six to eight months, depending upon program selected. The program is at NO COST to the selected women who attend and includes training and certification.

    Applications are due by April 5th, 2017.

    Come listen to learn:
    • What the selection process includes and important application tips
    • Understand what kind of training is provided (length and format)
    • Hear from a recent graduate who will share her experience
    • How this training academy and related certifications can help your career
  • Prevention Week Pt 1: Stop Credential Theft and Abuse
    Prevention Week Pt 1: Stop Credential Theft and Abuse Brian Tokuyoshi, Senior Solutions Analyst at Palo Alto Networks Mar 28 2017 2:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Prevent Phishing and the Abuse of Stolen Credentials

    In this session, we will present the unique attack life-cycle for credential-based attacks. Using real-life examples from Unit 42, we will demonstrate what you can do today to stop credential theft and abuse.
  • Managing price risk and volatility in the bauxite and alumina markets
    Managing price risk and volatility in the bauxite and alumina markets Alex Harrison, Fleur Ritzema, Jon Mulcahy, Charlotte Radford Mar 28 2017 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Join Metal Bulletin’s bauxite and alumina team for:

    - An analysis of the latest trends in the aluminium raw material markets, including a review of the near 50% increase in prices in the fourth quarter of 2016

    - An introduction to Metal Bulletin’s suite of alumina prices, including the fob Australia benchmark

    - An overview of hedging mechanisms and the application of Metal Bulletin’s prices

    - A look at the latest developments in the bauxite market and reference pricing
  • Prevention Week Pt 1: Stop Credential Theft and Abuse
    Prevention Week Pt 1: Stop Credential Theft and Abuse Brian Tokuyoshi, Senior Solutions Analyst at Palo Alto Networks Mar 28 2017 8:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Prevent Phishing and the Abuse of Stolen Credentials

    In this session, we will present the unique attack life-cycle for credential-based attacks. Using real-life examples from Unit 42, we will demonstrate what you can do today to stop credential theft and abuse.
  • Detecting Network Threats: What Can Endpoint Data Tell You?
    Detecting Network Threats: What Can Endpoint Data Tell You? Greg Foss, Security Architect, LogRhythm & Chris Berninger, Senior Systems Engineer, Carbon Black Mar 28 2017 9:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Data-driven security is the future, but alarm fatigue and data overload continue to hold Security Operations teams back. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to organise and correlate data so you can simplify the threat hunting process and free up your resources to better detect, respond and neutralise advanced threats.

    In this webcast, Greg Foss, Security Architect at LogRhythm, and Chris Berninger, Senior Systems Engineer at Carbon Black, discuss how to proactively search for and detect threats in your network.

    You’ll learn:

    • To use endpoint data to gain visibility into your network and understand what’s really going on in your network
    • How LogRhythm SmartResponse can help orchestrate security operations
    • Threat hunting techniques using Carbon Black within LogRhythm

    Register now to discover how to use insights from endpoint data to best protect your organisation from advanced attacks.
  • Smart Move for Retail CIOs: Go Cloud with Openbravo for Greater Flexibility
    Smart Move for Retail CIOs: Go Cloud with Openbravo for Greater Flexibility Martin Taal Mar 28 2017 9:30 am UTC 60 mins
    In this webinar we will explain how the unique capabilities of the Openbravo architecture allow retailers to go Cloud with greater flexibility and confidence thanks to key features such as native offline support provided by technical components like the Store Server that also enable distributed deployment scenarios.
  • 7 domande da farsi se si è alla ricerca di una soluzione Endpoint efficace
    7 domande da farsi se si è alla ricerca di una soluzione Endpoint efficace Daniele Nicita, Consulting Systems Engineer, FireEye Italia Mar 28 2017 9:30 am UTC 45 mins
    Oggi tutti parlano di Endpoint, il panorama è piuttosto confuso, i messaggi marketing sembrano essere tutti uguali indipendentemente dal vendor che li propone.
    Quali sono le domande da porsi per fare chiarezza?
    Partecipa ad un webinar live dove Daniele Nicita analizzerà le 7 domande che più spesso si è sentito fare e che aiutano a chiarire questo mondo degli Endpoint in rapidissimo cambiamento.
  • Next Generation Reporting: Saying Goodbye to Oracle Discoverer
    Next Generation Reporting: Saying Goodbye to Oracle Discoverer Malcolm Hewlett - Oracle Territory Manager Europe, David Rincon - Oracle Solution Specialist Mar 28 2017 11:00 am UTC 60 mins
    Are you looking for a replacement for Oracle Discoverer? Does your wish list include a reporting tool that can not only convert your existing reports, but can also give you access to all E-Business modules, as well as provide real-time data, data drill-downs, and all within a familiar Excel environment?

    Join us for a webinar with Malcolm Hewlett and David Rincon as they discuss and demonstrate, live, a user and cost-friendly alternative to Oracle Discoverer that includes a rapid converter.

    What You Will Learn
    •Understand the benefits of replacing Oracle Discoverer with an Excel-based solution
    •Watch next generation reporting in action and see “the art of the possible”
    •Easily identify migration candidates and rapidly convert your Discoverer reports
    •Discover a library of 1,000+ pre-built, customisable and ready-to-use reports.

    Replacing Oracle Discoverer? It’s not as bad as you think. Join us for this webinar to see how you can easily transform your existing Discoverer reports into powerful, real-time dynamic reports that you can drill down into for detail.
  • 10 years of Lifestyle
    10 years of Lifestyle Rob Burdett, co-head of F&C multi manager team Mar 28 2017 1:00 pm UTC 45 mins
    Join Rob Burdett as he discusses 10 eventful years for the F&C MM Lifestyle Funds – the industry’s first risk-targeted funds. It’s been a decade in which the credit crunch, a global economic downturn and a European debt crisis were just three of the key events impacting on markets. 10 years in which the funds delivered attractive investment returns and crucially, did so within defined risk parameters. And a decade in which they’ve provided a robust and reliable tool for your advice process in an increasingly stringent regulatory regime. He will also review the first quarter and the team's current outlook.
  • Solving the BI adoption challenge with report consolidation
    Solving the BI adoption challenge with report consolidation Dr. Rado Kotorov - Chief Innovation Officer Information Builders Mar 28 2017 1:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Too many reports and dashboards often leave us with no clear place to go for answers.

    We know how you can cut reports by 90% and get right to the insight and analytics you need.

    Join this webinar presented by BI expert Dr. Rado Kotorov to learn:

    •How to consolidate reports to reduce costs and save IT resources
    •What we can learn from consumer websites like Expedia to increase user adoption
    •How to enable users to easily perform data searches themselves for answers to business questions

    Break free from reporting clutter, drive BI adoption across an array of users, and empower your organization to access data and utilize analytics with simplified processes.
  • The Investment Management of Insurance Assets under Solvency II
    The Investment Management of Insurance Assets under Solvency II Gareth Mee, EY; James Hughes, Aberdeen Solutions; Euan MacLaren, NGAM UK; Martin Hurst, IPE Mar 28 2017 1:00 pm UTC 75 mins
    This is the first in a series of three webcasts looking at Solvency II from the point of view of the insurance company CIO.

    The second and third will focus on alternative fixed income and real assets respectively.

    How suitable - or otherwise - are the current capital charges and what can we expect from the 2018 review?

    Solvency II was conceived in a normal yield environment; that, of course has changed and this is one reason for the review planned for 2018. Insurers are interested in the agreed thinking of what these should be and the prospects of them being amended to a level more representative of the associated risk. What is reasonable and what can we expect?

    What might the political obstacles be to, say, making a distinction for capital charge purposes between Spanish and UK government bonds?

    The impact of regulation on investment strategy

    We will explore the relative impact of matching adjustment, volatility adjustment and transitionals and the impact on investment strategy as a result.


    How are insurance asset owners coping with the new regulation generally? Can we expect consolidation among insurance asset owners because of the increased regulatory burden?

    Use of internal models can lead to lower capital requirements, but they are very expensive to create, and are thus likely to be the preserve of the larger insurance companies.

    Smaller firms might club together to enable them to access certain types of investment, and might ultimately see acquisition by a larger firm as the only way both to do this on a consistent basis and manage the increased regulatory burden. Furthermore, a common regime across Europe should make it easier for potential buyers to assess exactly what they are buying.

    Other regulatory factors

    What will be the impact on investment regulation of Brexit on UK regulation, and on the investment management of insurance assets?

    What can we learn from other regulatory regimes from an investment standpoint?