Career Trajectory and Development

Traditional project management approaches focus on measuring performance in terms of respecting time and cost estimates. Those measures confirm performance after the fact and do not address the main driver of project success: engaged high-performing teams. This webinar, co-hosted by Charlotte Goudreault and Claude Emond, will present the link between continuously engaged teams, superior performance and successful high value project delivery, as well as explain how agile values, principles and tools can help build and develop continuously engaged, high-performing project teams. Charlotte and Claude will also present and demonstrate, using real project data, a simple 3-step approach, based on agile techniques and inspired by their own experiences in projects, that will help you to quickly mobilize your teams (any types of teams, project-oriented or production-oriented) and keep them engaged and high-performing. Those who attend the webinar will be given access to a pdf copy of the presentation slides as well as to a copy of an Excel template that can be used as a support tool to monitor and improve team engagement.

May 19, 2016


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