Outbound Prospecting Strategy

(This webinar has been moved to July 27th due to speaker availability - we apologize for the inconvenience and will see you then.) The Sales Process is the hero and main character of countless sales books and most sales training programs. It is also a shape shifting chameleon that takes on different forms, labels, acronyms, layers and complexity. Depending on the complexity and length of sales cycle the steps expand or contract with sub-steps. Yet while sales trainers and leaders drill the sales process into their salespeople they ignore they other two processes that when aligned with the sales process create serendipity. The failure to align the 3 Processes of Sales explains why so many salespeople struggle to produce predictable performance. Why, for the vast majority of salespeople, the sales process and outcomes (closing or losing the deal) seems to be completely random. Why prospects are so turned off by and seek to avoid salespeople altogether. In this webinar delivered by Jeb Blount, bestselling author of People Buy You and Fanatical Prospecting you’ll gain insight into: - How to align the 3 Processes of Sales to close more deals - Developing more robust buyer and stakeholder maps - The foundation of an effective sales process - How buying decisions are really made

July 27, 2016


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