Hackers, Threats and Cyber Defense

As cyber attacks are gaining new levels of sophistication, velocity and impact, the need for awareness is growing at the same rate. As these attacks become more subtle and easier to be caught in, we need a user community that can tell the difference between normal business and a bad actor. We have to go through our daily lives with an eye open for risks. When talking about Risk, we should think of it this way: R.I.S.K. = Reality Includes Scary Knowledge. Part of our job is to spread awareness about the things that can cause harm. But are we doing ourselves a disservice by using Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt (FUD)? This presentation will give guidance and some new ways of looking at security and risk awareness to help you when discussing data protection to the boardroom and the challenges we face in an ever increasingly connected world. About the Presenter: Phillip Mahan works in the Global Privacy Office for Ionic Security. He has 25 years of Information Technology Experience and more than a dozen years in Physical and Information Security. Having worked in a wide variety of business sectors, with diverse regulatory and statutory requirements, Phillip enjoys a challenge. The love of Privacy, Data Protection, and Physical Security drives him to continue to keep learning, teaching, and developing solutions for the issues we all face.

March 14, 2017


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