BrightTALK on Brexit

Greater control over immigration and the ability to pare back employee rights are frequently raised as important issues in the Brexit debate. Significant areas of UK employment law are derived from EU legislation; an exit from the EU could theoretically open up the possibility of changes to create a more employer-friendly regime over time. However, a UK outside the EU could still find itself bound by the same EU employment rules, depending on the terms of any trade deal negotiated. More worrying for employers is the impact of any reduction in the freedom of movement of workers, particularly in those sectors such as farming and hospitality employing large numbers of low paid workers from Europe. Multinationals may also find it more difficult and expensive to arrange cross-border secondments, which could have a significant effect on recruitment and retention of talent in sectors such as financial services and others. Again, much will depend on what terms can be negotiated. Our panel of experts will discuss the implications of a Brexit from an employment and immigration perspective, including what steps employers should be taking now to prepare.

February 21, 2018


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