BrightTALK on Brexit

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest contributing industries to the UK’s balance of trade, and the UK Nation Health Service (NHS) is the fifth largest employer in the world. Although the process of exit for the UK from the EU has now to be triggered by invoking article 50, the post-Brexit calendar is a firestorm of uncertainty. The uncertainty could potentially have a chilling effect on global pharma investment in the UK, but are the issues that will impact Pharma - a jewel in the crown of UKPLC - being heard in Westminster - and Brussels? In order to better understand the potential impact of Brexit on both pharma and healthcare in the UK, we are working with specialist IMS Health to bring a unique debate in which a hand-picked panel of experts will discuss and analyse: The impact of Brexit on UK Healthcare The ramification of Brexit for pharma in the UK What does the Brexit scenario mean for global pharma?

July 14, 2016


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