Security without Borders for Mission-Critical Resilience

Session Agenda

2:00PM SGT / 11:30AM IST

Welcome Message

Presented by Jagdish Mahapatra, Vice President, CrowdStrike Asia

2:10PM SGT / 11:40AM IST

Business Leaders in Dialogue
Leadership Vision in Cyber Security: Zero Trust – Taking Security Beyond the Perimeter

Presented by :
Michael Sentonas, Global Chief Technology Officer, CrowdStrike
Kristin Lovejoy, Principal, EY Technology Consulting: Global Cybersecurity Leader
Ryan Kalember, Executive Vice President, Cybersecurity Strategy, Proofpoint, Inc. 

Moderated by Allan Tan, Group Editor-in-Chief, CXOCIETY

Companies must now look beyond perimeter-based security and legacy firewalls to prevent breaches. Increasingly complex and dynamic workloads moving across data center and multi-cloud environments, remote users, and endpoints, are creating many new vulnerabilities.

This panel will discuss the need for a “never trust, always verify” or zero trust approach to security. It will highlight how companies need visibility across all of their assets, and a unified and consistent approach to securing them.

2:50PM SGT / 12:20PM IST

CXO Circle
Rethinking Security & Digital Risk Strategy

Presented by:
Abid Adam, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer (GCRCO), Axiata Group
Tithirat Siripattanalert, Chief Information Security Officer & Chief Data Officer, True Digital Group
Anil Bhandari, Chief General Manager & Chief Information Security Officer, State Bank of India
Tim Tudor, Chief Executive Officer, ECU Worldwide

Moderated by P Ramakrishna, Chief Executive Officer, CIO AcademyAsia

The remote operating model, increased digitalisation and rapidly growing cloud use require a re-think of security and digital risk strategy. This CIO panel will highlight the digital risks that pose the greatest threats to businesses and assess how security postures and digital risk strategies need to be aligned to tomorrow’s threat environment.

3:30PM SGT / 1:00PM IST

Resilience and Real-Time Protection with an Extensible, Platform-Based Security Strategy

Presented by Sherif El-Nabawi, Vice President, Sales Engineering, CrowdStrike APJ

CrowdStrike’s 2021 Global Threat Report reveals that the threat landscape is expanding and that threats are becoming more sophisticated, more persistent and more dangerous. Combatting these threats requires an extensible platform-based security strategy, which seamlessly integrates ‘best of breed’ and innovative security solutions. This provides instant visibility across all your assets, enabling you to find and respond to threats and risks more rapidly. It allows data to be ingested and correlated from logs, events, applications and feeds to deliver actionable insights and real-time protection. This presentation will focus on the need for a cloud-native, platform-based strategy to cybersecurity —encompassing an ecosystem of partners. It will also highlight the importance of context based and integrated threat intelligence, enabling you to get ahead of attackers’ next moves and support C-level decision-making.

3:45PM SGT / 1:15PM IST

Keynote Closing

Presented by Shawn Henry, President of Crowdstrike Services and Chief Security Officer