Securing Fintech

The new technologies are enabling organisations to capture a wealth of personal data and analysis of their behaviour to optimise their services and disrupt traditional business models, but all this means that personal privacy advocates and the regulators are playing catch up with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). The webinar discusses the data privacy concerns raised due to the pervasive nature of technologies & platforms, the principles used by GDPR to protect an individual's privacy, capabilities that organisations need to consider to protect data. The webinar takes a technology agnostic view by using a capability view and their relation to some of the common frameworks used to design and implement data security. - Speaker bio - Sri works with business leaders in setting business goals and achieving them. Sri focuses on leveraging latest technologies to build strategic capabilities through tailored frameworks for their creation, transition and operation. Sri brings together his deep experience in building strategies and solutions for managing data and information in a wide range of industry domains while complying with diverse regulatory regimes using tailored, business aligned, fit-for-purpose solutions for clients. With a range of qualifications in Information Risk, Audit, Security and Governance, Sri is a board member of ISACA London Chapter. Sri offers a range of management consultancy services for strategic business transformations including training and compliance services related to EU GDPR.

May 17, 2017


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