Securing Fintech

Encrypting sensitive information is a pervasive requirement for today’s organizations, but too often, little attention is given to key management and its implication on how effective encryption is against various threats like hackers or malicious administrators. Register for this webinar to learn: • How double encryption ensures the security and integrity of sensitive data • Key elements of an effective double encryption management strategy • Using double encryption wisely to overcome common pitfalls About the Presenter: Sebastien Boire-Lavigne is an Executive Vice President and CTO at XMedius. For over 15 years Sébastien has been a driving force at XMedius Solutions, and has been instrumental in developing XMedius’ technology strategy. Among his many accomplishments, Sébastien led the development of the ground-breaking XMedius Fax-over- IP technology and cloud platforms. His versatility, wide-ranging technical skills and keen business acumen allow him to seamlessly bridge the technical – business divide. In addition to leading Product Development, Sébastien is also responsible for Customer Services, IT and Information Security.

May 17, 2017


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