Leading Digital Transformation: A Bizagi Virtual Event

So often, transformation programs set out to deliver dramatic improvements in operational efficiency. Yet these programs commonly fail to connect the world of outside-in design thinking and customer experience, with the operational excellence required for cost reduction. Executives often feel they can just dictate the result and then hold managers accountable for the benefits. Join Derek Miers, industry analyst from MWD Advisors as he discusses why transformation success relies on: •Engaging your people including three fundamental phases of engagement needed to create the conditions for long-term transformation success •How to focus and configure core business components to serve multiple customer segments and experiences •Enabling innovation at the edges industrializing both the core business elements and the outcomes delivered to customers. •Reinventing how you deliver value is the why; digital transformation becomes how the organization innovates. Who should attend: Digital Technology Leaders, Application Development Leaders, IT and Business Process Professionals.

June 21, 2017


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