Innovation in Payments

What do financial services firms need to know, and need to do, between now and the 2018 PSD II deadline? We're filming live at the London Stock Exchange where viewers can get their questions answered live by our experts. PSD II could have a seismic impact on financial services. It has the potential to fundamentally change the way customers engage with institutions, and how these customers access financial services. There is also potential for open banking to create a platform to drive competition and real innovation in the industry. But there are also big challenges and threats – data security and liability, to the operating models of financial institutions and from new entrants and third-party providers. With just over a year to go before the compliance deadline in January 2018 the clock is ticking. Our experts will consider how firms should be looking to strike a balance between regulatory compliance and making the most of the opportunities for innovation afforded by PSD II.

November 29, 2016


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