Hackers, Threats and Cyber Defense

We’re often effective at handling replicable, deliberate security situations, but time and time again, human error has been the number one cause of digital data security incidents reported to the ICO. It’s natural to feel threatened by malice, but many organisations are at a loss to protect themselves against the accidental errors of their own employees. So, what must cybersecurity do to close the open door of human error? In this session we’re going to examine the focus shift necessary to make cybersecurity work with, not against, you and your colleagues, and adapt traditional outward-facing protections to look inwards at the well-meaning threat sitting at the heart of your organisation. ------------------ CheckRecipient is a VC-backed, London based, cybersecurity startup founded by a team of Imperial College trained engineers, mathematicians and ex-investment bankers. The software platform uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to prevent highly-sensitive information being sent to the wrong people over email.

February 21, 2018


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