BrightTALK on Brexit

Assessing how Brexit will affect antitrust, litigation and payment services in the UK. Lawyers from the London office of Constantine Cannon LLP address the effects of the referendum vote in their areas of practice, considering the risks and opportunities that lie ahead. Time permitting, any questions submitted in advance will be addressed in the presentation (unless a private response is requested). 1. A Beginner’s Guide to Brexit · What has happened · What is going to happen · When will it happen 2. Competition Law Post-Brexit · How UK competition law will change in the short and longer-term · Merger and leniency filings after exit · Lobbying in Brussels 3. How Brexit Will Affect UK Antitrust Litigation · Can European defendants still be sued in the English courts? · How will EU competition law apply in English courts in the future? · Will litigation shift to Amsterdam and Berlin? 4. Future Challenges in Payments · Application of EU regulations · New threats: tying of mobile payments and circumvention of interchange restrictions · Status of the merchant interchange cases

July 8, 2016


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