Data and Analytics in Financial Services

Data security and the challenge of data protection is increasing in scope and difficulty. The massive volume of data that businesses are collecting is growing exponentially, and managing compliance delivery is a daunting task with huge negative consequences for getting it wrong. While organizations have long needed to safeguard intellectual property and confidential information, changes in information technology and business models introduce new threats, and new regulations. Governments and industry bodies are imposing new regulations to motivate organizations to protect the privacy and confidentiality of information. Responsibilities can vary widely by region and by industry, and staying on top of an ever-shifting regulatory landscape is complex and challenging, but it isn't impossible. Successful organizations coordinate enterprise-wide regulatory compliance activities with tools to identify and address new and changing regulations, and are able to map the impact of these regulations across the entire infrastructure, and prioritize compliance activities according to business impact. By deploying a consistent, sustainable, scalable and measurable process for managing regulatory change, they are able to eliminate manual, non-scalable and non-strategic activities to reduce the cost and improve the speed of regulatory compliance programs.

July 19, 2017


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