Cloud Infrastructure

Building a powerful infrastructure for your business isn’t about buying big, expensive boxes. Virtualizing your data center with Microsoft Azure and running it from software enhances your operational efficiency, agility, cost optimization, scalability and security. You can manage resources holistically—with greater flexibility and increased resilience—by delivering storage, compute and networking resources as a shared, elastic resource pool. Agile cloud adoption is changing the way enterprise IT manages its infrastructure and deploys applications—but how do you get there and where do you begin? Join 10th Magnitude Vice President of Cloud Solutions Brian Blanchard, along with Cloud Solution Architect Mark Hanson to discuss paths to agile cloud adoption for your organization. Discussion topics include: -Competitive advantages of agile cloud adoption -Azure migration best practices (methodology, architecture, planning, etc.) -Demo of 10th Magnitude’s proprietary Azure Migration and Azure Consumption Dashboards

November 16, 2016


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