Emerging Trends in Cloud and Virtualization

Database triggers, coupled with cloud technology and the growing popularity of APIs (application program interfaces) have beefed up the capabilities of continuous auditing. Industries of all sorts, from banking, to ecommerce, to supply chain, to logistics, use applications that incorporate software that instantly alerts stake holders to outliers in data. This is exactly what we auditors need in our profession. Instead, we and our clients continue to rely on annual audits for third party assurance. Fees for the traditional annual audits spiral downward because all of us know that there is little value in an audit opinion on year old information. Greg Frazier, CPA & Microsoft Certified Partner- Application Development will discuss the following: - What is continuous auditing? - How are continuous audits more valuable than traditional audits? - How are continuous audits more cost-effective than traditional audits? Join us in this session to deep-dive into cloud accounting tools and technologies such as QuickBooks, networks in the cloud, data captures, and more!

July 20, 2016


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