Digital Banking

As people are becoming more interested than ever in the opinions of experts, thought-leaders and self-proclaimed gurus, brands have taken to them to help tell their story. At the end of the day, there’s real power in influencing buying decisions. Could the real influencer not be the celebrity brand advocate nor the social media influencer but rather the actual consumer? Social media has real power in enabling a dynamic of consumers influencing each other in an exchange of information related to products, services and brands. True influence drives action, not awareness. FinTech will take banking to the next level and that’s what this most interesting discussion will explore. Join us for a chat with Spiros Margaris from Margaris Advisory and Chris Gledhill from Secco on 6th October at 4pm for a unique conversation on their own perspective about the power of influence and how this relates to financial services.

October 6, 2016


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