Open Source Library Conundrum: Managing Risk

Open source is here to stay. Iconic brands like Google, Facebook, and Twitter have pioneered the practice of building their platforms on a core of code that is shared with the public and free for anyone to use. Rather than build applications from scratch, today’s developers first look to third-party code to kick start their innovation in the form of open source libraries. Unfortunately, reusable code also means reusable vulnerabilities, and the bad guys are increasingly turning to attacking open-source. In a recent study by CA Veracode, a whopping 88% of Java applications had at least one flaw in an open-source library, leaving application security managers faced with the challenging question: how can we keep innovating quickly without introducing vulnerabilities into our code base? The solution is multi-faceted – part education, part technology, part process change. Join us for our Virtual Summit, The Open Source Conundrum: Managing your Risk, as we dig into all the pieces of this solution.

December 11, 2018


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