Data Protection and Incident Response

"Incident post-mortems are an invaluable part of the IT/ops toolkit. Teams recognize the value in learning from past incidents to improve future detection and remediation efficiencies. However, not every team creates a post-mortem after an incident, or consults previous post-mortems during an incident. And while technology advances continue to propel the ops industry, the content and process of creating post-mortems has remained mostly stagnant. In an era of anomaly detection and auto-healing monitoring systems, where is the modern day post-mortem? We’ll review common barriers to teams creating and best leveraging post-mortems, and explore the concept of a modern day post-mortem. A post-mortem that is rooted in technology, assists teams in bypassing the common barriers, and helps improve team efficiencies during the most crucial moments." This session is collectively part of PagerDuty Virtual Summit.

November 2, 2016


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