Where Zero Trust Meets Zero Touch

Join us for a keynote session with John E. McClurg, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer, Blackberry, covering the four ways to mitigate risk & learn how to leverage machine learning and automation to improve cyber threat prevention and remediation, all while offering visibility to help you manage all endpoints.

There are four ways to mitigate risks. Accept, Avoid, Transfer, Reduce. Ransomware and other cyber attacks can never be accepted, completely avoided or transferred. The only way to reduce your exposure to Zero Day Threats is to focus on breach prevention. In the new location-independent and collaborative working environments of most organisations, how do we drive prevention-first security operations and culture?

After the keynote concludes, John will be joined by Angela Donohoe, CIO, BPAY Group; Grant Lockwood, CISO, Department of Health and Human Services & James Turner, Founder, CISO Lens for a panel session moderated by Jason Duerden, ANZ Director, Blackberry.

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