The Monthly Rewind: June 2022

Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
July 14, 2022
Fiona O'Connor
Senior Content Marketing Manager
July 14, 2022

A monthly recap for B2B marketers and sellers for what to watch, read and know

As we settle into the warmer months and the second half of the year, it’s also a good time to pick our heads up from all the work we’ve been doing and take a moment to look around – at what’s going on in our teams and organizations, and what’s going on in our industries.

In that spirit, we’re excited to welcome you to our new blog series: The Monthly Rewind. We’ll be sharing these wrap-ups each month to help you catch up on valuable content – both from the BrightTALK universe and beyond.

What to watch

Build a Better Webinar: Visualizing Data

Webinars are popular amongst professionals because they’re engaging and accessible to experts all over the world. But that engagement and interest will die quickly if your presentation itself is not visually interesting. Watch this webinar to better understand how great slide design can help you effectively communicate your message and keep your audience’s interest.

The Demise of Dead-End Demand

Updated thinking, new technology and dynamic data sources have vastly expanded the modern demand gen pro’s toolset. It’s time to move beyond reliance on classic leads-based, point-in-time demand gen models alone. Hear from demand gen experts as they discuss new ways of thinking, new technology and new types of data that can help marketing and sales teams better engage buying teams across the purchase cycle.

Back to the Future: Creating Engagement with Video at Events

With in-person events back up and running, teams are now leaning on innovative and engaging ways to engage their audiences at presentations, booths and more. One example is healthcare technology company, Topcon, who created a video spoofing Back to the Future to introduce their presentation at Vision Source Exchange, optometry's biggest conference. Watch the full award-winning video and hear how Topcon worked with BrightTALK Studios to create it.

What to read

MarTech & SalesTech: Opportunities at the Intersections

Accelerating digital transformation is impacting B2B organizations at both strategic and operational levels. Let’s take a quick look at how digital transformation is impacting the connections between Marketing and Sales, as a warm-up to BrightTALK’s July 21, 2022 virtual event, the MarTech & SalesTech Intersect.

People: Your Secret Weapon For Sustainable B2B Marketing Success

When we examine our organization’s performance, we tend to focus most on strategy, processes and technology. The problem is that this misses one critical area – people! In this blog from Forbes you’ll learn four ways B2B marketing leaders can better leverage people as powerful competitive differentiators.

A 3-Step Guide to Creating Authentic B2B Webinar Content

Many of us have experienced the engagement webinars can create within your audience, but competition for buyers’ attention is fierce. Those who can create webinars that provide value to buyers while maintaining a clear message will be the most successful. This eBook explores three ways to build better webinars that effectively engage your audience.

What to know

Is the Sales Tech Party Over?

While sales tech saw a dramatic growth in investments in 2021, that boom has since dropped off. This blog from Forrester looks at trends in sales tech funding over the past two years and discusses the potential challenges and opportunities for sales tech investors and providers and buyers.

5 Essential Steps to Succeed in an Uncertain Business Environment

As budgets tighten and purchases face increased scrutiny, it’s essential to update your go-to-market strategies, messaging and content with a data-driven understanding of who your buyers are, what problems they’re trying to solve, and how your solutions help. In this eBook from TechTarget’s Enterprise Strategy Group you’ll walk through five areas to revisit and re-evaluate to stay ahead of changing market conditions.

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