BrightTALK Channels

Drive engagement & convert leads

The BrightTALK Channel helps you to create and distribute content, making your brand and messaging discoverable to 32M+ professionals.


Reach & Engage

Target and convert the audiences your business needs.

Build Brand

Strengthen connections using ideas that resonate.

Demo Products

Drive understanding and preference with interactive or on-demand demonstration.


Easy to produce. Easy to maximize returns.

BrightTALK helps you create webinars and video content, then leverage it over and over again. To maximize ROI, we help you amplify it, reaching new audiences and re-engaging your growing list of subscribers.

  • Content creation
  • Content syndication
  • Content hosting
  • Sales intel
  • Lead generation
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Open the floor to live engagement

Allow your audience to join your presentation through questions, polls, and ratings. Drive and track post-event next steps with downloads and attached links.

  • Live Q&A
  • Interactive polls
  • Tracked attachment downloads

Expand your pipeline by getting your content in front more viewers and leveraging intent data for database growth. Our integrated lead generation platform gives you the power to create and review your campaigns and subscriptions with ease.

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Better registration for better results.

Our industry-leading FastReg, combined with channel “embed” features, ensure that you’ll maximize conversion from audiences that come to your website to view your webinars.

  • One-click registration
  • More webinar registrations from email
  • Increased MQL conversions
  • Maximize user time on your website
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Maximize engagement on your website.​

By adding a BrightTALK® experience to your website via our easy-to-install Embed, you’ll drive more engagement and deliver more ROI.

  • Increase site traffic and impact from your own promotions. ​
  • Optimize exposure to your brand and products.
  • Drive more audience conversions deeper into your funnel.
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Repurpose and amplify content

By building a several-episode Series around topics critical to your prospects, you can go deep with a combination of live and recorded material to keep them coming back.

  • Drive more lead delivery with Series-level registration
  • Increase brand awareness with customizable landing pages
  • Re-launch existing content to expand your reach
  • Highlight your strategic partnerships to drive awareness and demand

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Automated data delivery

To ensure you can follow up in the best possible ways, BrightTALK provides a cleansed data feed directly into your own MAP or CRM.

  • Connect BrightTALK data outputs directly into your stack
  • Deliver buyer research insights right to marketing and sales
  • Automatically cleanse and enhance lead records
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Measure, report and optimize

BrightTALK provides rich data insights into lead and subscriber behaviors and content preferences, empowering marketing and sales nurture or follow-up more productively.

  • Measurable insights
  • Engagement behavior metrics
  • Subscriber data
  • Content performance metrics
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Trusted by companies large and small

Our customers create over 30,000 webinars on BrightTALK each year, generating millions of engagements to drive growth in their businesses.

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"We found a huge increase in the number of registrations per webinar but also the quality of people coming in was better."

Jess Bahr
Senior Director, Growth Marketing
the audience per webinar
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"BrightTALK is a crucial platform to get our content out there and gain more audience."

Saule Andriuskeviciute
Channel Marketing Manager
investment professionals reached in a quarter
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"BrightTALK worked with us to create exactly the event we imagined, and we achieved 4x our revenue from the previous year's event. Incredible!"

Tim Garon
Member Programs Content Manager
last year's revenue
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"We love the team, we find the application very easy to use...we also like how there is a bundled-in audience."

Erik Archer Smith
Marketing Director
the modern feature sets
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"BrightTALK has massively impacted the volume and engagement of Yellowfin's inbound leads. These leads have a much greater conversion rate. This highly engaged audience spent an hour engaging with that topic, as a result have exceptionally high conversion rates."

Peter Baxter
SVP of Global Sales
of total inbound demand
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"Our marketing development reps really like the leads that come in from BrightTALK"

Susan Gilchrist
Principal Program Marketing Manager
Closed-won deals
BrightTALK is there, usually multiple times
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