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10 Questions for Every Billing Vendor

Every billing solution looks the same, unless you know the right questions to ask. In this webcast, Nathan Shinn, Chief Strategy Officer at BillingPlatform, digs beneath the surface to evaluate billing solutions for specific product and services needs. In this 24 minute video you’ll explore:
--Key billing considerations for any business
--Features that support business globalization
--Automation and customization capabilities
Recorded Jul 2 2019 25 mins
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Presented by
Nathan Shinn, Chief Strategy Officer
Presentation preview: 10 Questions for Every Billing Vendor

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  • Automated Debt Management: A modernized approach to minimizing revenue leakage Recorded: Feb 10 2021 44 mins
    Alejandro Armelles, Product Manager, BillingPlatform and Meri Christenson, Director of Product Marketing, BillingPlatform
    The business world has changed dramatically in the past year, and many businesses are struggling with dwindling revenue as a result of reduced activity. Now more than ever, collecting what’s due is top of mind for the accounts receivable team.

    When it comes to debt management and collections, manual processes can’t keep up and can lead to revenue loss, frustrated employees and customer churn. By aligning technology with staff, you can easily track and automate all collection activities including:

    - Prioritize accounts that need attention
    - Link payments to invoices
    - Maintain an audit trail of all activities

    Join this session to learn best practices from industry-leading companies and how those were built into an automated debt management and collections solution.
  • Accelerate Ideas Into Revenue Recorded: Jul 22 2020 42 mins
    Brad Sawaya, SVP of Finance, BillingPlatform
    The Power of the Platform

    Many billing software solutions work well "out of the box" for simple subscription-based use cases. But what happens when your business requirements change or more sophisticated functionality is required? Today's finance leaders demand flexible options to support dynamic, constantly changing business strategies.

    Delivering flexible pricing, packaging, and billing strategies has become critical for remaining competitive.

    Join BillingPlatform’s SVP of Finance, Brad Sawaya, in this 45 minute webinar and learn how platform-based billing solutions can be configured to support all of your pricing, packaging and strategic needs. Innovative companies need a billing system that can evolve with market competition and customer expectations, Brad will show you how this can be accomplished.

    The webinar will dive deep into the following billing topics:
    -- Business Process Automation to deliver the optimal customer experience
    -- Configurability designed to enable business users rather than developers
    -- Open Connectivity and Integration that enables seamless end to end processes
    -- Extensible Data Model to streamline critical components for maximum agility

    Register today and discover how billing can separate you from the competition.

    Earn 1 CPE credit!
  • Achieve Software Business Agility: Salesforce + BillingPlatform DataSync Recorded: Mar 25 2020 32 mins
    Brian Dingman, BillingPlatform
    Accelerate the Prospect-to-Cash Process

    Many of the world’s most successful software businesses rely on the Salesforce CRM to enable their sales and account management success. However, many of these data-driven software companies haven’t connected Salesforce with their billing solution--missing out on valuable insights and process efficiencies.

    Join this webinar to discover the benefits of connecting Salesforce directly to your billing solution. In this 45 minute webinar, Brian Dingman the leader of our Solutions Consulting Team, will demonstrate how a tight integration between billing and Salesforce means a software company can accelerate order management, save time and achieve smoother billing operations.

    BillingPlatform will highlight the following benefits that software companies realize by integrating BillingPlatform and Salesforce:
    - Establishing point and click, bi-directional configuration with Salesforce
    - Enabling support for standard and custom objects and fields in both Salesforce and BillingPlatform
    - Automating order management processing
    - Gaining deep insight into account information, such as usage and payments
    - Tracking key performance indicators
  • Recurring Revenue Models Continue to Evolve, Are You Prepared? Recorded: Mar 11 2020 63 mins
    Lily Varon, Forrester Analyst
    Join our featured speaker, Forrester Analyst, Lily Varon, and BillingPlatform CEO, Dennis Wall, as they explore the role technology plays in the evolution of your business and your billing models.

    60% of finance professionals plan to launch new products in 2020 to increase their product mix, according to BillingPlatform’s 2020 survey, Trends in Finance. And, another 35% plan to leverage recurring or usage-based pricing.

    Do you have the systems to support this level of agility?

    In this 60-minute webinar, Lily and Dennis dive deep into the latest trends for recurring revenue models, new product innovations and the challenges many companies face.

    Watch this webinar and you’ll discover:
    - How and why businesses are changing their business models
    - What you need from billing technology to support your business needs
    - What does it take to make it happen?
  • Down with Spreadsheets, Automated Billing for Franchisors Recorded: Jan 8 2020 36 mins
    Brian Dingman, BillingPlatform Vice President of Solutions Engineering
    See How BillingPlatform Transforms Franchisee Billing

    Managing franchisee billing is complex. Between getting new stores online and supporting multiple franchisees and in some cases multiple brands, corporations stay busy. With so much to do, it’s surprising that so many businesses waste valuable time and effort manually managing billing and revenue recognition in spreadsheets.

    In this 30-minute webinar, BillingPlatform will show you a better way. You’ll see how easy it can be to automate complex calculations and critical billing tasks in minutes. See how our solution solves the unique challenges of a franchisor’s business model.

    Join Brian Dingman from our Solutions Consulting Team at BillingPlatform as he demonstrates how you can transform your franchisee billing by reducing human error and increasing time to revenue. Brian will explore how our sophisticated, cloud-based solution delivers the following benefits.
    --Configure multiple pricing strategies, including subscription, usage and formula-based models
    --Automate revenue recognition practices across franchisee agreements
    --Quickly launch new monetization strategies that reward your largest franchise owners
    --Augment your FRM solution with BillingPlatform’s extensible data model

    Join us to go deep into our platform and see how we have improved the billing operations of multiple franchises.
  • 2020 Planning: Cutting Costs While Optimizing for Revenue Growth Recorded: Nov 26 2019 45 mins
    Brad Sawaya, BillingPlatform VP of Finance
    Discover How to Help Your Business Grow Amid Digital Disruption

    Planning your financial budget seems to become more complex and daunting each year. Join Brad Sawaya, BillingPlatform VP of Finance, and learn how to avoid common challenges and use the latest industry best practices for your 2020 planning.

    During this 60 minute presentation, Brad will provide concrete methods and illustrate innovative examples for how you can better optimize dollars spent. Brad brings a wealth of industry knowledge and intuitive know-how to help you expand your revenue potential.

    The Webinar will cover the following:
    --Methods for avoiding the legacy technology trap
    --Innovative technology for revenue growth
    --Benefits of embracing digital disruption for greater success

    Register for this informative webinar today.

    Qualifies for 1 CPE Credit
    Learning Objectives
    When you complete this webinar you will be able to:
    · Define legacy technology
    · Define Digital Disruption
    · Identify common challenges of financial planning in today’s business environment
    · Identify multiple business architecture approaches that allow for digital disruption
    · Explain techniques for planning success in a time of digital disruption
    Designed for:
    FP&A Managers, Controllers, and other finance professionals
    Experience in financial management.
  • 3 Enterprise Requirements for Making Money in IoT Recorded: Nov 6 2019 59 mins
    Steve Hilton -- Machnation, Nathan Shinn -- BillingPlatform
    Discover How to Monetize Smart Devices for Business Success

    The Internet of Things (IoT) carries a lot of promise for every industry. Analysts expect the number of IoT devices to more than double in the next 5 years, forecasting a tide of 22 billion devices by 2025. However, many companies face significant operational challenges when trying to monetize their IoT strategy.

    Join Steve Hilton, MachNation co-founder, and BillingPlatform Chief Strategy Officer, Nathan Shinn, as they explore the requirements that every business must meet for IoT success.

    MachNation is the only analyst firm exclusively dedicated to testing and researching IoT platforms, middleware, and services. Steve pairs up with Nathan to bring experience and insight to IoT monetization.

    Webinar: November 6 @ 11 AM EST

    During this 60 minute interactive session, Steve and Nathan will explore the enterprise requirements for making money in IoT and highlight an exciting IoT success story, including:
    --IoT strategy
    --IoT monetization capabilities and management systems
    --IoT architecture and ecosystem
    --Case study that highlights best practices of a successful implementation of IoT within the shared economy

    Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the industry’s leading experts. Discover best practices for IoT enterprise success and ask questions about your specific business case.
  • Integrated Billing and Rating for Telecommunications Businesses Recorded: Oct 23 2019 37 mins
    Brian Dingman, BillingPlatform Vice President of Solutions Engineering
    See How BillingPlatform Evolves Telecommuncation’s Billing

    Too many telco billing systems are glorified invoicing solutions. Implementing the complex rating you need, requires a unified solution. BillingPlatform delivers rating, charging, and payments all from a single platform.

    In this 30-minute webinar, you’ll see how BillingPlatform can bring your CDR’s directly into our rating engine, consolidating the entire telco billing operations process. See how our solution uniquely solves your challenges.

    Join Brian Dingman, VP of Solutions Engineering at BillingPlatform, as he demonstrates how we have modernized telco billing. Brian will explore how our sophisticated, cloud-based solution delivers the following benefits.
    --Reduce billing’s dependency on IT teams
    --Launch subscription packages with overage limits quickly
    --Mediate and rate CDR’s with flexible rounding rules
    --Enable customer-specific pricing models

    Join us to go deep into our platform and see how we have improved the billing operations of multiple telecommunications businesses.
  • Become a Value-Added Controller Recorded: Aug 31 2019 43 mins
    Brad Sawaya, CFO, BillingPlatform
    Watch this 45 min Webinar to see Brad Sawaya, BillingPlatform VP of Finance, provide examples of the new role of controllership and offer suggestions on putting these principles into place in your own organization. Brad provides rich examples of how current controllers are leveraging digital transformation to expand their roles within their businesses.

    The webcast covers the following topics.
    Explore the role of digital transformation in business finance
    --Learn how to overcome common challenges facing controllership
    --Discover business architecture approaches that leverage digital transformation
    --Practice techniques for overcoming common roadblocks
  • 4 Reasons Why Building Your Billing System Won't Work Recorded: Aug 12 2019 22 mins
    Brian Dingman, VP of Solutions Engineering
    Explore the critical challenges that many companies face when building their own systems. BillingPlatform provides a unique, cloud-based platform that easily flexes to solve any billing challenge. Dive deep into the following topics.

    -Common architectural challenges for billing systems
    -Struggles with high volume product mediation
    -Integration difficulties with business process management
    -Criticality of a workflow automation engine
  • SaaS Billing Beyond Subscriptions Recorded: Jul 24 2019 22 mins
    Brian Dingman, VP of Solutions Engineering
    See How BillingPlatform Supports Every SaaS Pricing Model in a Single Solution

    This 30-minute webinar will explore how our sophisticated billing solution helps your business evolve with these needs. Join Brian Dingman from our VP of Solutions Engineering at BillingPlatform to see how we support every SaaS pricing model.

    Watch and explore the following topics:
    --Launching new products and services quickly
    --Combining Subscription business models with consumption based models
    --Generating monthly invoices for SaaS products
  • 10 Questions for Every Billing Vendor Recorded: Jul 2 2019 25 mins
    Nathan Shinn, Chief Strategy Officer
    Every billing solution looks the same, unless you know the right questions to ask. In this webcast, Nathan Shinn, Chief Strategy Officer at BillingPlatform, digs beneath the surface to evaluate billing solutions for specific product and services needs. In this 24 minute video you’ll explore:
    --Key billing considerations for any business
    --Features that support business globalization
    --Automation and customization capabilities
  • From Freemium to Premium SaaS Success Recorded: Jun 1 2019 17 mins
    Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO
    Watch this 15 minute on-demand webinar to discover business tactics that ensure your success in the Software as a Service market.

    Which recurring pricing models are most popular? How is it possible to turn a profit with Freemium business models? Dennis Wall answers these and other important SaaS model questions.

    In Part 1 of the "Making Money in SaaS" webinar series, Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO, highlights four monetization strategies that encourage Freemium customers to make the leap to Premium services.

    Dennis explores the following topics:
    • Benefits of recurring billing in SaaS business
    • Strategies for converting free subscribers to paying customers
    • Billing system requirements for supporting successful Freemium models
  • Beyond Subscription: Pricing and Billing Strategies with SaaS Recorded: May 30 2019 18 mins
    Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO
    Watch this 15 minute on-demand webinar to discover discover common billing scenarios that ensure your success in the Software as a Service market.

    Is subscription pricing my only option for Saas billing? What are the common business models Saas businesses employ?

    In Part 2 of the "Making Money in SaaS" webinar series, Dennis Wall, BillingPlatform’s CEO, highlights multiple monetization strategies that go beyond subscriptions and will encourage customers to utilize your SaaS products and services.

    Dennis explores the following topics:
    --Pros and cons of various SaaS billing models
    --Benefits of usage-based pricing models
    --Billing system requirements for supporting successful SaaS businesses
  • Don't Dumb Down Your Billing Process: Strategies for Meeting Complex Billing Recorded: Oct 25 2018 62 mins
    Gareth Morrison, Vice President of Finance, Vertafore
    It's not uncommon for companies to employ multiple strategies for their products and services. Some may be simple, but business conditions often warrant more sophisticated approaches to value creation. In this recorded webcast, senior finance leaders from different industries discuss what they have in common: sophisticated pricing models that create complex billing challenges. These executives will share their experiences, strategies, and best practices for managing complex billing challenges, and the dozens of considerations that factor into their decision-making.

    In this recorded webcast, our panelists:
    --Share their firsthand experiences reconciling sophisticated pricing strategies with complex billing processes
    --Address the real drivers of billing complexity, and how automation and technology can help address these challenges
    --Answer your questions on how they’ve embraced agile monetization strategies for their businesses
  • How Panera Bread Automated Manual Billing Processes Recorded: Sep 27 2018 48 mins
    John Davis, Senior Manager, Finance and Strategic Planning, Panera Bread
    Panera Bread has quickly grown from one 400-square-foot cookie store to over 2,000 bakery-cafes and annual sales of over $5 billion. Panera offers its franchises and stores over 100 different subscription and usage-based services (e.g. self-service ordering kiosks).

    So, how did Panera automate its invoicing process to reduce costs and generate franchise bills faster? That's exactly what John Davis, Senior Manager of Finance and Strategic Planning at Panera Bread, is going to share with us.

    During this Webcast, you'll get the inside scoop on:
    --How Panera solved the billing challenges that come with a fast-growing franchise model
    --The billing best practices that Panera used that meant the difference between success and failure
    --Lessons learned on how to bill for new products and subscription-based services
    --John's personal do's and don'ts when implementing a centralized billing platform
  • How PGI Modernized Billing without Changing How the Company Bills Customers Recorded: Sep 13 2018 62 mins
    Matthew Rigney, SVP of Billing Operations, PGI
    How do you modernize your billing systems when billing operations is responsible for 50,000 customers across 155 countries, 18 currencies, multiple languages, several brands, and using multiple rate plans? That’s exactly what Matthew Rigney, SVP of Billing Operations with PGi, shares in this recorded webcast.

    During this webcast, Matt:
    --Speaks to how he made the business case to modernize PGi’s billing systems and how he structured the rollout plan
    --Shares his firsthand experience reconciling legacy rate plans along with new rate plans within the same billing system
    --Discusses the approach PGi took to automate previously manual processes
    --Examines the top ten lessons he's learned and what he would do the same and differently if given a second opportunity
Making Complex Billing Simple
Welcome to the BillingPlatform channel. Here you'll discover how we help enterprises embrace digital transformation through our cloud-based billing platform. Each of our webcasts demonstrates the agility and ease of use our solution can offer your enterprise's billing function.

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