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Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Intelligent Process Automation

Founder & Research Vice President at 451 Research, Nick Patience, reveals the evolving landscape of business process automation. Enterprises are realizing yesterday’s tools and applications are not enough to conquer goals of productivity and efficiency. It starts with data-driven decisions and an automated discovery process. To realize the potential, intelligent automation should focus on the trans-organizational processes that define the greatest competitive strength. The webinar explains best practices and next steps for how to best navigate this journey. Sign up for this webinar to learn:
- Why do you now need Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)?
- What are the different approaches to IPA?
- How should business leaders increase traction across an organization to anchor its strengths?
Recorded Jun 16 2020 60 mins
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Presented by
Founder & Research Vice President at 451 Research, Nick Patience, and Sajesh Gopinath, UST SmartOps GM
Presentation preview: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Intelligent Process Automation

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  • How Automation of Big Data Testing can help avoid the pitfalls of Bad Data Jul 15 2020 3:00 pm UTC 60 mins
    Eric Smyth, Director of Partner Services, RTTS and Joseph John, Test Architect, UST Global
    At the frontier of Big Data and the real-time decision-making, Quality Assurance teams are fighting multiple battles.

    1. Volume: Need for tools and expertise to test data amounting to TeraBytes, ZetataBytes, and beyond.

    2. Variety: Testing semi-structured and unstructured data generated from Tweets, Google search queries, Connected Car or IoT Sensors, Internet/Mobile Banking transactions.

    3. Velocity: Need for speed in testing for data streaming at light speed from devices, digital platforms, transactions, and networks.

    4. Veracity: Critical role of testing teams in ensuring conformity, accuracy, consistency, and validity of Big Data.

    It is the holy grail of the four V’s of Big Data that has made ETL and Data Warehouse testing teams the new stakeholders of the decision-making ability of your organization.
    After-all, no organization can afford to make decisions regarding new product launches, customer engagements, or digital transformation based on Bad Data.

    The virtues of Big Data also make a business case for Automation of Big Data Testing.
    So, how are Quality Engineering teams adopting the required tools and developing expertise to liberate their organizations from bad data?

    Join us for this interesting discussion to find some answers. You will be hosted by:
    1. Eric Smyth, Director, Educational Services & Partner Alliances, RTTS.
    2. Joseph John, Test Specialist, UST Global.

    We will discuss:
    1. Challenges related to Testing of Data in a Big Data Project:
    a. How to address the need to validate a large Volume of Data.
    b. How to also validate all the transformations of this Volume of Data, throughout the Big Data architecture.
    c. How to test data streaming services.
    2. Find out how these challenges can be overcome by developing expertise while adopting the right tools specifically designed to validate Big Data architectures.
    3. Demo of how these tools can be integrated into your DataOps pipeline.
  • Putting AI Governance to Work Recorded: Jun 30 2020 61 mins
    Maor Ivgi, CTO, Stardat, Adnan Masood, Chief Architect, AI and Machine Learning, UST & Heather Dawe, UK Head of Data, UST
    Pragmatic Perspectives on managing algorithmic bias, model explainability, fairness, and trust in the Industry.

    As AI infused systems become commonplace, this rapid growth of machine learning capabilities and increasing presence in our lives raise pressing questions about the impact, governance, ethics, and accountability of these technologies.

    AI governance is about AI being explainable, transparent, and ethical. How do financial institutions, telecommunication companies, retail, and media enterprises implement policies to avoid bias perpetuation, administer principles of trustworthy AI, and deploy their systems in an ethical, inclusive, and accountable manner? Our panel of experts will answer these practical questions with data driven KPIs to measure, and tools to equip the attendees for narrowing down the knowledge gap between data science experts and the variety of people who use, interact with, and are impacted by these technologies.

    Today, organizations seek clarity and structure around AI systems and grapple with harnessing the potential of AI systems while ensuring that they do not exacerbate existing inequalities and biases, or even create new ones. A comprehensive AI governance framework is the answer to address these challenges along with model management, data consistency, and algorithmic transparency.

    In this session, panelist will outline the tools, technologies, and provide practical advice needed to understand and monitor AI life-cycle. Please join the UST Team of experts to explore policy remedies to address the complex challenges associated with emerging technologies, operationalize these concepts in a production AI system—and crucially, create a culture of trust in AI.
  • Practical Guide to using Salesforce for Privacy (CCPA, GDPR) Compliance Recorded: Jun 23 2020 60 mins
    Brad Kelso, Managing Partner & Co-Founder, Privageo and Scott Hines, Vice President, Privacy Practice, UST Global
    According to Gartner, on average a consumer privacy response costs about $1,400. In this webinar, we will show how you can streamline and reduce the cost while improving the quality of your consumer response and experience.

    We will review and demonstrate how you can use Salesforce to manage your privacy compliance program.

    Also, CCPA 2.0 is expected to hit the ballot in November 2020 and pass. This will result in the creation of a new regulatory agency to enforce CCPA compliance.

    If you have not already complied, you missed the first deadline. We will discuss why you should not wait and perhaps find yourself staring at large regulatory fines.

    We will discuss:

    • The ROI case for automation
    • Operating impacts of CCPA 2.0
    • How you can utilize Salesforce to manage privacy compliance requirements more efficiently

    Join us for this discussion to jumpstart your Privacy Compliance program!
  • Operationalizing your Analytics - Challenges and Best Practices Recorded: Jun 18 2020 55 mins
    Sripathi Jagannathan, Head of Data Engineering; Edward Biton, Principal Architect; Alejandro Iparraguirre, Product Engineer
    Data-driven organizations, like yours, should harness the full potential of Modern Business Intelligence platforms to unearth previously inaccessible insights.

    Why is this important? Because this will allow you to capitalize on all your data assets, be it first generation on-premise data warehouses, to next-generation centralized data lakes on the cloud, to the latest decentralized analytics with Data Fabric and Data Meshes.

    But a note of caution. Your teams need to be forearmed to successfully tackle the complexity associated with the data engineering pipeline, especially at the scale of modern analytical workloads.

    The data practitioners at UST Global have worked with global customers to overcome this complexity and operationalize analytics at scale.

    This has helped us gain some unique insights. One of our findings has been that our NextGen OLAP for Big Data platform reduces the TCO of analytics by up to 50%!

    In this webinar, we will discuss:

    - Challenges we observe in operationalizing analytics at scale – Frictions in your ingestion to insights journey
    - Generating real-time insights from structured data streams
    - Amplifying productivity through OLAP for petabyte scale through visual data engineering
    - Transforming data proliferation challenges to opportunities

    Join us at this session, as we share more learnings from our engagements.
  • Cracking the Code: Quality Engineering Models for Continuous Delivery Recorded: Jun 16 2020 62 mins
    Featuring guest speaker, Forrester analyst, Diego Lo Giudice and UST's Head of Testing & Quality Engineering, George Ukkuru
    As continuous delivery practices accelerate the volume of releases, test teams must find ways to validate software performance faster without compromising quality. Traditional testing practices can’t keep pace with modern application developments, and scaling testing for efficiency, accuracy and speed is critical. Test Automation has become an essential element of the end to end test lifecycle in every organization. Most tool-based testing approaches fall short of addressing test lifecycle automation needs or make it quite challenging. This has paved the way to platform-centric Quality Engineering.

    Join Forrester’s expert on SDLC processes and practices--our guest speaker, Vice President and Principal Analyst Diego Lo Giudice – and UST Global’ s Head of Testing and Quality Engineering Services, George Ukkuru, for a webinar discussing the modern methods and techniques around quality engineering. Learn about how UST’s quality engineering platform, NoSkript™ can improve quality, efficiency, and cost while accelerating cycle time.

    What you will learn:
    - How to apply Shift Left and Shift Right practices for early defect identification and to minimize business risks
    - Why should a quality engineering team focus on an API-led automation approach
    - How can automated test design help to optimize test cases and reduce maintenance efforts
    - How to use prefabricated test data to improve the accuracy of Artificial Intelligence Solutions
  • Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Intelligent Process Automation Recorded: Jun 16 2020 60 mins
    Founder & Research Vice President at 451 Research, Nick Patience, and Sajesh Gopinath, UST SmartOps GM
    Founder & Research Vice President at 451 Research, Nick Patience, reveals the evolving landscape of business process automation. Enterprises are realizing yesterday’s tools and applications are not enough to conquer goals of productivity and efficiency. It starts with data-driven decisions and an automated discovery process. To realize the potential, intelligent automation should focus on the trans-organizational processes that define the greatest competitive strength. The webinar explains best practices and next steps for how to best navigate this journey. Sign up for this webinar to learn:
    - Why do you now need Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)?
    - What are the different approaches to IPA?
    - How should business leaders increase traction across an organization to anchor its strengths?
  • How Test Automation delivers responsive AI Chatbots and Virtual Assistants Recorded: Jun 10 2020 60 mins
    Shamir Ahamed, Test Automation Architect and Abhilash Giridharan, Test Automation Architect
    ELIZA Chatbot (1966), A.L.I.C.E bot (1995), IBM’s Watson (2006), Siri (2010), Google Assistant (2012) to Amazon Alexa (2014).
    The journey of Conversational AI Chatbots and Digital Virtual Assistants has been a fascinating story and it continues to unfold!
    But how did these Virtual Assistant systems become so human-like and intuitive?
    Natural Language Understanding (NLU), Natural Language Processing (NLP), Machine Learning (ML) have indeed played an important role.
    However, in this webinar, we will deep dive into the role of Test Automation in helping organizations deliver accurate and efficient AI Chatbots and Digital Virtual Assistant products.

    The Webinar Agenda:

    - Why leveraging the full potential of AI in the Testing of Chatbots is the success mantra?
    - What are the challenges that your team may encounter during the testing of Chatbots?
    - We will discuss some innovative test automation techniques to help you evaluate QE parameters.
    - We will also learn how you can capture data analytics for functional and non-functional QE parameters

    Who should attend this webinar?
    Individuals/teams who want to understand how an end-to-end test automation platform can help in training and testing of human-like Conversational AI Chatbot and other Virtual Assistant Systems.

    Please meet your webinar hosts:

    Shamir Ahamed, Test Automation Architect and Abhilash Giridharan, Test Automation Architect
  • How Walk-In, Walk-Out Frictionless Technology Improves Customer Experience Recorded: Jun 4 2020 30 mins
    Ken Bolick, RBS, Erika Strandberg, Stanford University Mahesh Athalye, UST, Krishna Prasad, UST
    Frictionless shopping was gaining popularity before the pandemic, but new retail realities are increasing the popularity of this technology that empowers shoppers to just walk in, shop and walk out.

    Join us for a 30-minute panel discussion exploring what it was like to open two stores that utilize Walk-in Walk-out shopping technology. This talk will investigate how this retail solution combines computer vision cameras, AI, sensor and edge computing technology to deliver low-contact customer experience and operational efficiency. We will also investigate the implications of using AI within retail and the ways it is influencing shopping in this new paradigm.

    Moderated by UST Global’s Chief Customer Officer, Krishna Prasad, panelists Ken Bolick, Head of IT Innovation, RBS (an Ahold-Delahaize Company), Erika Strandberg, Director of Stanford University’s AI Lab, and UST Global’s Mahesh Athalye, Go-to-Market Leader for UST Walk-In, Walk-Out Technology. Each will share their perspectives on how this evolutionary technology contributes to a more customer centric shopping experience.

    What you will learn:
    • How frictionless shopping aligns with the new realties for retailers to follow reopening guidelines and instill consumer confidence
    • How walk-in-walk-out shopping works.
    • What’s involved in setting up a frictionless shopping store or cafeteria?
    • How AI keep track of what customers buy
  • Algorithmic Bias: How to understand, manage, and mitigate Recorded: Jun 2 2020 60 mins
    Maor Ivgi, CTO, Stardat, Heather Dawe, UK Head of Data, UST & Adnan Masood, Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning, UST
    Do you also feel concerned about the urgent need for consistency in data, transparency in algorithms, and the prevention of the underlying bias in AI/ML?

    Then join us for this live webinar discussion and learn how you can achieve Fairness, Accountability, and Transparency (FAT) in AI Systems.

    The following is the agenda of this discussion:
    • What are the different types of bias?
    • How to understand and monitor Data, throughout the AI Life-cycle?
    • How to deal with the trade-off between the accuracy and fairness of Machine Learning Algorithms?
    • How to address Engineering and Organizational challenges and build a culture for trust-worthy AI systems?

    Megan Heath, Commercial Director for UK, UST Global

    Maor Ivgi, Chief Technology Officer, Stardat
    Heather Dawe, UK Head of Data, UST Global
    Adnan Masood, Chief Architect of AI and Machine Learning, UST Global
  • Create Better App Experience for your users with Remote Testing Recorded: May 28 2020 62 mins
    Avinash Tiwari, Co-Founder, pCloudy and Mhahesh Muraleedharan, Test Architect, UST Global
    As the world battles with turbulent, uncertain times, most of the workforce across the globe is working remotely. Organisations have acknowledged the importance of remote working as it helps in maintaining business continuity. However, in some scenarios, it is difficult to maintain business continuity or distribute resources within the teams while working remotely.

    We will address the following issues as part of the webinar:
    • How would you test your app on multiple mobile devices if you have a physical device infrastructure?
    • How can you share the devices with other testers and developers in your team working from different locations?
    • How will you make sure that the app works smoothly on all the popular devices?
  • AI-Enabled Quality Engineering Recorded: May 20 2020 60 mins
    George Ukkuru, Head of Quality Engineering and Anoop Prasad, Quality Engineering Practitioner
    Artificial intelligence introduces new opportunities for software testing allowing quality engineers to optimize their efforts with greater speed than was possible before. Traditional quality engineering approaches cannot address the full spectrum of behaviors and performance that AI-driven testing can support. Applying AI across the various phases of the quality engineering life cycle saves effort, improves accuracy and reduces cycle time.
    In this webinar UST Global’s Head of Quality Engineering, George Ukkuru and Quality Engineering Practitioner Anoop Prasad will explore how to select, implement and reap benefits by leveraging Artificial intelligence to improve quality engineering. 

    What you will learn:

    - How AI is changing quality engineering practices
    - How AI-driven testing can reduce effort, save time, and increase accuracy
    - Use Cases for applying artificial intelligence and machine learning in Quality Engineering
  • Security & Privacy Trends in the COVID-19 Era Recorded: May 14 2020 55 mins
    Enza Iannopollo, Senior Analyst, Security & Risk, Forrester
    Today’s security professionals are busier than ever. In addition to existing cyber security responsibilities and challenges, their role has expanded to include brand protection, third-party risk management, and privacy protection as companies continue to digitalize.

    In this Talk, CyberProof CEO, Tony Velleca and guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst, Enza Iannopollo, share how security pros and privacy leaders can tackle ways to support business initiatives, protect their brands, and promote customers' trust.

    Listen and discover how your cyber security strategy can contend with:

    Expansion of cloud services
    Rapid development of new applications and products
    Increased IT complexity
    Global privacy laws compliance
  • Creating the culture & framework for analytics, ML & AI in the Enterprise Recorded: May 14 2020 44 mins
    Adnan Masood, PhD, Chief Architect of AI & Machine Learning and Heather Dawe, MSc, UK Head of Data
    Artificial intelligence is changing the enterprise as it becomes part of mainstream operating procedures. The technologies that analysts, data scientists and data engineers need to do their jobs effectively and efficiently such as development platforms, processing power and data storage need to be accessible. Leaders and managers need to make sure these resources are controlled, repeatable and reproducible.
    Optimizing scarce data science resources while protecting the ‘secret sauce’ behind what the analytics and machine learning becomes must be managed as a key business asset. 

    Join UST Global’s Chief Architect of AI and ML Dr. Adnan Masood and Heather Dawe, Head of Machine Learning, in a webinar exploring how enterprises are establishing Data Science and Machine Learning Platforms or MLOps  -- as a discipline to integrate AI and ML with DevOps to comprehensibly manage datasets, experiments, models and ML-infused applications.

    In this webinar Adnan and Heather will discuss the ways in which enterprises can adapt both culturally and technically to optimise new methods and models for developing and managing analytics, machine learning and AI.
  • Infosec in India – before, during, and after COVID-19 Recorded: May 12 2020 49 mins
    Anand Trivedi, CyberProof India's Head of Cyber Security Business
    The scope of the coronavirus pandemic, and its global and regional impacts are coming to light. The attack surface has expanded in tandem with the spread of the virus, posing higher risks for remote employees and the organizations they work for.

    COVID-19 has changed business operations in terms of cyber spend availability, while at the same time work from home security has created increased vulnerabilities.

    In this webinar CyberProof India's Head of Cyber Security Business, Anand Trivedi, will shed light on:

    - The scope of how the pandemic has affected Indian enterprises
    - New cyber security challenges
    - How CISO’s can respond and do more with less
  • COVID-19 Will Change Our Psychology And Roadmap For Intelligent Automation Recorded: May 11 2020 55 mins
    Guest Forrester’s VP and Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair and UST SmartOps' GM Sajesh Gopinath
    The latest industry insights from our featured guest Forrester’s Vice President And Principal Analyst Craig Le Clair, shares the latest industry insights that show the path forward on how companies will look to lower operating costs and build greater business resilience, to weather pandemic-driven disruption. IA consists of 19 technology categories, that combine RPA with existing and emerging AI components. To realize the potential, IA should be focused on the work personas that can benefit the most. The webinar explains the best investment approach for the five work personas that drive knowledge and administrative work for the new normal. Sign up for this webinar to learn:

    - What is IA and the appropriate role of RPA
    - What is the role of IA in the new normal, post Covid-19
    - How to apply IA in Invoicing, customer on-boarding, IMS, AMS, and contract management
    - How are enterprises driving scale while governing IA expansion
    - Learn how new players are changing the rules of the game with outcomes based service offerings
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  • Title: Gaining a Competitive Advantage with Intelligent Process Automation
  • Live at: Jun 16 2020 7:00 am
  • Presented by: Founder & Research Vice President at 451 Research, Nick Patience, and Sajesh Gopinath, UST SmartOps GM
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